TEHTRIS UES organizes, centralizes and combines your endpoint solutions to achieve a unified cybersecurity console for all the endpoints of your infrastructure.


Unified Endpoint Security

We are convinced that the future of cybersecurity lies in the establishment of a true synergy between the various defense and protection tools. Intelligently combining the visions, functionalities and analyses of the different technologies is a strategy that will necessarily save time, improve the quality of cyber information, and provide reactive power in the face of security events.

This is what we offer you with TEHTRIS UES, our console that unifies and enhances the efficiency of our EDR, EPP and MTD solutions. Equipped with powerful and easy-to-use front-end tools, our UES console will enable you to acquire enhanced cybersecurity action capabilities, whether for a temporary crisis operation or regular monitoring.


Innovative protection technology through smart automated active defense


Ultra-complete low-level system protection with antiphishing antivirus & firewall


Tactical agent for mobile infrastructures with security policies and threat scanners

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