Cybersecurity Academy

Our training on cyber risks and protecting IT assets

TEHTRIS Academy​

TEHTRIS has set itself a number of objectives in terms of technical innovation, growth, recruitment and training. Cyber security is a constantly evolving sector, and cyber threats are becoming ever more sophisticated.

Mastering cyber-defense techniques is tomorrow’s major challenge, and more and more young IT graduates are looking to take up this major challenge.

Our teams of R&D engineers build the TEHTRIS XDR Platform defensive weapons that are deployed at our customers’ sites. Then we need pilots, SOC analysts, to take over and wage defensive war remotely: detection of espionage services, removal of stealth backdoors, and so on. In order for SOC analysts to be operational and responsive, they need to have advanced cybersecurity skills. That’s why we created the TEHTRIS Academy.

We offer a training program dedicated to the professionals who will operate the platform, so that they are able to supervise and manage any type of security incident using the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

The TEHTRIS Academy brings together a wide range of training courses on TEHTRIS cybersecurity solutions. Each of these courses has been designed to be adaptable to all learner profiles, and is aimed both at experienced technicians seeking to improve their skills and at non-experts. The TEHTRIS Academy is also open to our customers and partners, enabling them to learn how to secure and defend their digital tools using our innovative solutions.