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2022 cyber threat landscape and 2023 analysis

We bring you our year-end white paper to present the 2022 threat assessment and 2023 outlook. The most significant changes TEHTRIS has observed are the resurgence of groups building their ransomware and renting it in RaaS mode in the cyber landscape, as well as the rise of cyber espionage, due to geopolitical conflicts in particular. You will also find in this report: The different types of attacks in 2022 The evolution of the cyber threat landscape How actors have changed their tactics Key trends The evolution of cybercrime actors and their victims And, of course, what developments to expect in...

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RANSOMEXX: The return of the Exx ransomware, Defrat777

The Exx or Defrat777 ransomware is back in the spotlight. Our Threat Research Team has put the offensive culture of cybercriminals to work for your defence. Check out the latest TEHTRIS report which provides you with a detailed analysis by examining the tactics, tools and attack methodology of this infamous group for its high-profile attacks, but also for its leaked website used to shame its victims. Let’s anticipate so that your company’s name does not appear on the list of victims and immediately take the necessary precautions proposed by TEHTRIS.   Github link : https://github.com/tehtris-hub/MalwareTool/tree/main/RansomEXX

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INFORMATION WARFARE: The new cyber weapon

Social networks are accessible to everyone at all times. Information is proliferating, multiplying, moving and transforming, thus changing the nature of strategic issues. We are entering the era of hybrid wars and informational warfare is becoming a serious strike force. The challenge is therefore to acquire and master information, but how? What is this new weapon? How does it work? What is its impact? The answers in the new TEHTRIS white paper, “INFORMATION WAR: THE NEW CYBER WEAPON”.

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