The world leader in the automatic neutralization of cyber attacks without human action

TEHTRIS XDR Platform defends your IT and OT systems.

From the cloud to your endpoints to your IoT, TEHTRIS technologies neutralize ransomware and 0-days attacks in real time. Our solutions are modular and can be deployed individually or in a suite within the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.


Interpret the noise. TEHTRIS is compatible with the MITRE ATT&CK* framework. We also and enhance s it with contextualization and correlation capabilities that allow analysts to detect  among a large number of mundane actions those that betray an APT.

TEHTRIS is listed as a Representative Vendor in 2021 Gartner® Market  Guide™ for Mobile Threat Defense and also recognized for UES in the Innovation Insight for Unified Endpoint Security report.


Welcome to a world of hyper-automation and intelligence, finally offering a true holistic view of your cybersecurity

The console that unifies and strengthens the effectiveness of our EDR, EPP, MTD solutions. Equipped with powerful yet easy-to-use front-end tools, our UES console will give you enhanced cybersecurity action capabilities, whether for a temporary crisis operation or regular monitoring.

TEHTRIS EDR automatically detects and neutralizes known and unknown threats in real time.

TEHTRIS EPP detects and protects operating systems from known threats through advanced antivirus scanning and protection features.

TEHTRIS Mobile Threat Defense protects the mobile fleet and scans applications as they are installed and updated.

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TEHTRIS SIEM enables real-time incident detection and SOC service automation to provide insightful overviews and intelligent alerts, making it easier for your security operations center response team.


TEHTRIS NTA includes several modules with signature-based detection and behavior-based techniques. All flows are continuously learned to perform advanced analysis and detect network anomalies. By recording metadata in NetFlow mode, TEHTRIS NTA provides the ability to trace back in time who talked to whom, when and how.

TEHTRIS Deceptive Response provides an effective, real-time alarm system ahead of intrusions, for an additional security overview on your systems and infrastructures. By adding fake assets to your network, these sensors lure attackers and provide you with reports and event dashboards.

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TEHTRIS DNS Firewall intercepts potentially malicious DNS resolutions circulating on your information systems, protecting you from external and internal threats.

TEHTRIS Zero Trust Response: the first and only ZTNA offering worldwide that natively contains automatic incident response options.

TEHTRIS CWPP provides comprehensive visibility into cloud-based infrastructures and protects against both common threats and sophisticated attacks.

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Increased Detection and Response

TEHTRIS XDR Platform improves the productivity of SOC teams with unprecedented detection and response capabilities. It unifies its components in a single platform to eliminate blind spots on your network: EDR, EPP, MTD, SIEM, Honeypots, NTA, DNS Firewall, ZTR…

Optimize by orchestrating

The integrated SOAR enables interactions between these intelligent sensors and TEHTRIS Cyber Threat Intelligence to block threats across all its components. Mix the analytics and let our powerful CYBERIA artificial intelligence engine identify complex threats.

Security & Ethics by design

TEHTRIS EDR is developed and hosted in France and in Europe, designed natively by our TEHTRIS developers (with no overlay of pre-existing software layers).

Ethically thought from its conception without backdoors, we guarantee the inviolability of the content of protected files, which we do not access.

Your protection optimized by nature, Security & Ethics by design.


Automatic detection and neutralization since 2015.

Your safety starts with your anonymity.

Why give cybercriminals extra incentive by exposing your name? We put all the chances on your side, and wish to keep your means of defense confidential. Without mentioning those who trust us, here are some figures that make TEHTRIS proud.

100% loyalty rate since 2010.

111 M

of qualified threats with TEHTRIS CTI.


countries where our technologies are deployed.

1 H

deployment time of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

Preserve the sovereignty and
integrity of your data.

With a European hosting, TEHTRIS offers you the best guarantees of sovereignty over your data. Detect silent intrusion campaigns and regain control over all attack vectors.

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TEHTRIS recognized as a Representative Vendor in the 2021 Market Guide for Extended Detection and Response.
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