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Gartner lists TEHTRIS as a Representative Vendor in the November 2021 Market Guide for Extended Detection and Response.

ISO 27001


Unmatched detection of known and unknown threats

Detect all types of threats, even threats from weak signals or spotted by different solutions with the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM and prevent security breaches.

Automatic analysis of every datapoint

For a full protection of your infrastructure, the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM analyses each datapoint and determines whether a suspicious activity constitutes a real threat or not.

Real-time remediation

The TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM hyperautomates your response to attacks and coordinates all your solutions “with strong actions” (Gartner)**, in addition to ingesting your security events.


Unify your cybersecurity by bringing together all your solutions in a single console for high-speed detections and responses. Within the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM, you will find an EDR, MTDSIEMHoneypotsNTA and our DNS Firewall.

Orchestrate all your cybersecurity tools simultaneously, including your existing solutions such as Zscaler and Proofpoint, with the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM. Our platform is available in our secured cloud or on-prem. Easily deploy it in your ecosystem with in & out APIs. With its customizable playbooks and its hyperautomation capabilities you will get immediate response to cyberattacks.

All of TEHTRIS’ augmented technology
in a single console


Orchestrates all your cyber solutions, including partners to the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM, and lets you create your own playbooks for hyperautomated detection and response.

Threat Intelligence

TEHTRIS Threat Intelligence includes our continuously updated CTI knowledge base, our analysis farm and our Sandboxes. With it, you can neutralize threats in real time.

artificial intelligence CYBERIA

Developed and edited directly by TEHTRIS, it supports all our modules in detections and responses thanks to its Deep Learning neural networks.

Cyberia eGuardian

Helps your teams focus on high-value tasks: prioritizing EDR alerts, detecting anomalies and automatically grouping events.

Your team responsiveness is the key to successful protection. At TEHTRIS, we believe that this needed reactivity comes from a close-knit team, which has been given the best technical tools to collaborate easily, quickly, and effectively in the event of an alert. 
To support your teams, address the current shortage of analysts and reduce MTTD and MTTR, the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM offers several features: 

  • Hyperautomated response to attacks 
  • Contextualization of events directly on the platform 
  • Alerts for your analysts during an attack 
  • Possibility to create investigative groups within the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM 
  • Enhanced filter management and co-publishing capabilities 

Stay in control of your data

More and more customers are alerting us: competing cyber solutions are retrieving and backing up all their data. To protect your company against industrial espionage, wherever you are, we have designed the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM and its modules in a way that ensures that your files cannot be accessed. Choosing a cybersecurity solution that protects your data has become a strategic decision for business leaders in today’s cyber and geopolitical context.

Certified and recognized by
many actors of the cyber world

Leading cybersecurity authorities, analysts and associations recommend TEHTRIS solutions

MITRE ATT&CK compliance

MITRE ATT&CK is a knowledge base with a model of the behavior of a cyber attacker, reflecting the different phases of the attack life cycle according to the targeted platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile, etc.

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Day to deploy TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM for an enterprise with over 100,000 stations and servers


Countries where our technologies are deployed for incident detection and response

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Days to uncover some of the stealthy espionage-type APT threats that have been hidden for several years in a complex international park


Preserve the sovereignty
and integrity of your data

Since 2010, TEHTRIS innovates and improves
its cyber defense solution, through the
different modules of the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM.

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