TEHTRIS’ Hyperautomated MDR Service

With cyberattacks becoming ever more dazzling and sophisticated, companies need to be increasingly reactive, and also need to have quick intervention capabilities thanks to hyperautomated processes.

Transform your cybersecurity with our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, a revolutionary approach of the protection of your digital infrastructure. Our MDR service goes beyond the limits of traditional solutions, offering continuous monitoring and rapid response to threats, 24/7. Benefit from the unrivalled expertise of our analysts to strengthen your cyberdefense.

  • Native integration with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform: with our MDR service you benefit from advanced orchestration
  • Reinforced proactivity: manage cyberattacks thanks to the predictive power of Cyberia eGuardian and our Threat Intelligence
  • Optimized alerts: streamlined alert filters for maximum responsiveness
  • Cutting-edge expertise: access our cybersecurity professionals for flawless incident management and threat response
  • Cost control: thanks to the hyperautomation, your teams can focus solely on qualified incidents

CybermonitoringFollow-the-sun 24/7 continuous service from Monday to Sunday
Incident ticketsAlerting pack: 1,000 alerts by SMS, email and/or call
Incidents – CRITICALConsideration (SLA) = 2 hours Investigation – Mitigation (SLO) = 4 hours from consideration time
Incidents – HIGHConsideration (SLO) = 2 hours Investigation – Mitigation  (SLO) = 6 hours from consideration time
Orchestration & advanced alerts – System isolation only for CRITICAL incidentsIncluded
Monthly monitoring report available through the TEHTRIS XDR PlatformIncluded
PricingLicence per endpoint  
TEHTRIS CyberSphere Configurations for setting up and controlling customized configurations of the User’s information system.optional – on request