Who are we?

TEHTRIS creator of cybersecurity

The cyberspace has become a sophisticated battle space, where criminals, spies and armies confront each other, with no respect for each other’s privacy, or even the very infrastructures that support our civilization after thousands of years of evolution.

Since 2010, TEHTRIS has decided to act in this context of a real need for a high level of cyber defense technology, in order to protect all the means involved.

Our weapon

A 100% European technology, edited and deployed by TEHTRIS. It is used in many business sectors around the world.

Our vision

To solve the equation of cybersecurity on a long-term basis, by fighting against threats like cyber spying operations and cybersabotage.

Our quality assurance

All our products are regularly tested by independent organizations and have won numerous international awards.


Since 2010, TEHTRIS experts have been developing a real defensive arsenal with complementary products that make it possible to close cyber security gaps and ensure protection at all levels. Originally called eGambit, our defensive cyber arsenal evolved into a new brand in 2019: TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

Over the past decade, TEHTRIS has been consistently rewarded with labels, awards and international distinctions, demonstrating the quality and effectiveness of our solutions.