Thanks to TEHTRIS, regain control of your cybersecurity by entering a world of hyperautomation and intelligence.

Composed of skilled and experienced specialists, our teams have been guiding businesses since 2010 on every level of cyber routine: from the development of a cyber-defensive strategy, to real-time monitoring of alerts, up until the technical and legal counseling against threats. Now it’s your turn, let us help you master the risks and tame the unknown.

Reliable and user-friendly, all our solutions are created internally and designed to be scalable and easy to customize according to your needs. The fact that we always design them in an innovative way, and their presence throughout the whole world are guarantees of our efficiency.
Since we believe in the convergence of technologies, we offer you the possibility to obtain a holistic view of your cybersecurity thanks to the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, allowing you to stop threats and adapt your strategies of today and tomorrow.

With TEHTRIS, you’ll be ready. Ready to face the unpredictable.

Our weapon

A 100% European technology, edited and deployed by TEHTRIS. It is used in many business sectors around the world.

Our vision

To solve the equation of cybersecurity on a long-term basis, by fighting against threats like cyber spying operations and cybersabotage.

Our quality assurance

All our products are regularly tested by independent organizations and have won numerous international awards.

Our legitimacy

The co-founder of TEHTRIS is an international cybersecurity expert that has more than 30 years’ experience specializing in intrusion testing and the fight against cyber spying. He uses his technical knowledge and expertise to devise all our solutions.

Our ability to adapt

Our technologies have been especially designed to be customized according to your needs. We are here to support you and attend to any of your requirements.

Our capacity to innovate

A trademark of TEHTRIS, we also work with our customers and partners as part of our open innovation process. Their technological and organizational feedback feeds our innovation roadmap. Our goal? Always provide the best possible service.


In 2012, our experts developed eGambit, a platform which combines all our solutions and ensures protection at every level. Enhanced over the years with numerous products entirely made by TEHTRIS, our defensive cyber arsenal evolved into a new brand in 2019: TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

Over the past decade, TEHTRIS has been consistently rewarded with labels, awards and international distinctions, demonstrating the quality and effectiveness of our solutions.