False positive / False negative


  • If we detect fake, illegal, incomplete information/requests or liars, then your request will be automatically discarded or strongly postponed, and you might not get any answer from us.
  • Your SHA256 list will be checked by our support team on the VirusTotal website, meaning that unknown hashes on VT would be considered as an incomplete request. If you use MD5 or SHA1, it will be discarded.
  • If we detect automatic texts claiming that there is a false positive issue, with wrong explanations of people asking to download stuff, or phishing, etc, then your application will be automatically rejected.
  • We might need hours to weeks in order to answer, especially if your program looks strange like potentially unwanted programs, fake programs, things like adwares stuff, strange packages of known products, complex packers with strange behaviors, hidden backdoors, etc.
  • Please remain friendly through your emails or through social networks.
  • Please give very detailed explanations so that we can understand the situation.
  • Please share your VirusTotal Score for all files (example: 2/65), or we will not check your request.
  • Please specify if your files are signed or not (Windows Authenticode), or we will not check your request.
  • Please share your Product name and your Product webpage.

Thank you for contacting us. Tell us how we can help: