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SOC – MSS & SOC – MDR Service Partners

In addition to the solutions developed by TEHTRIS, our customers also benefit from the expertise and support of a vast network of service partners operating our technologies in SaaS mode.

These partners offer a wide range of cybersecurity services built in association with TEHTRIS technologies, enabling our customers to choose the offering best suited to their needs.

Approach is a pure-play cyber security and privacy firm operating from various locations in Belgium. For more than 20 years, Approach has been building trust in the cyberspace and helping its clients deal with cyber-attacks, incidents and breaches. Approach provides tailored and local services matching companies needs: consulting and audit services, training and awareness, security technology implementation and development services, and outsourced Managed Security Services thanks to its own Security Operations Centre (SOC).

In Tehtris, we found the ideal partner to supply the best SOC services to our local market. Whether you are an SMB or a large enterprise, you are facing the same cyber security challenges, and you need a solution that provides fast and efficient detection as well as fully automated threat neutralisation on your IT systems. The TEHTRIS XDR Platform is scalable, can be quickly deployed and adapted to your needs, budget, and infrastructure, and compatible with your existing traditional security protection such as anti-malware. Laurent Deheyer, Approach SOC Director

ASSYST EUROPE is a growing IT services company located in Belgium. Since 2005, it has been supporting customers to capitalize their business potential by exploiting its best-in-class convergent ICT solutions. It implements and optimizes efficient and tailor-made IT solutions, with a high level of security, agility, and consistency. Its expertise in the field of cybersecurity is recognized by many Belgian and European organizations, in particular through its Managed Security Services (SOCs) designed and adapted for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Limited yesterday to large companies, TEHTRIS’ XDR platform technology appealed to us not only for its unbeatable security performance but also for its pragmatism and holistic approach to cybersecurity. Thanks to TEHTRIS’ all-in-one solution, companies can reduce the use of expert reports that are often too cumbersome to implement for an SME. ASSYST EUROPE found in TEHTRIS not only an entirely European solution but also a local team on a human scale. It can thus offer its customers tailor-made managed security services (SOC) and thus proves every day that SMEs can also become cyber-resilient! Farid Assal, ASSYST EUROPE Managing Director

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services. With its Sogeti division, it is recognized as a leader in cybersecurity (consulting & governance, audit, protection, detection & incident response). In France, it has ANSSI qualifications (PASSI, PASSI LPM, PDIS) and operates a CERT, a SWAT team as well as several SOCs, shared on 24/7 basis or dedicated to clients.

The partnership between Capgemini (and its Sogeti branch) and TEHTRIS started in 2020 with great dynamism. Already the operator of numerous Security Operation Centers for major clients, and qualified as PDIS by ANSSI, our Group has been able to significantly accelerate the growth of its managed incident detection and response services. Innovative and rapidly deployed, TEHTRIS’ technologies provide effective protection for large customers as well as for smaller companies and administrations. Yves Le Floch, Cybersecurity VP at Sogeti

The CISEL Group specialises in IT protection and security. Our vision is to provide our customers with a holistic approach to security, offering robust solutions to counter emerging threats and sophisticated attacks. Our priority is to ensure 360° protection by adopting a holistic approach that includes prevention, detection, response and recovery. Through our commitment to ISO 27001 and our partnership with Cybersafe, we strive to create a safe and secure digital environment for our customers.

“In TEHTRIS we have found a trusted, local partner, ideal for delivering our managed services to our customers. The transparency and flexibility of their XDR platform allows us to tailor it to our specific needs in order to deliver an optimal protection service for our customers. We can offer our services to customers of any size, from a small SME with 10 workstations to a larger company with several thousand devices. Their EDR, used in conjunction with SOAR, gives us instant alerts and enables us to automate mitigation measures. This greatly improves our incident response capability.”

With many years of experience in cybersecurity market, DLP Expert is an Authorized TEHTRIS Partner in Poland. To provide local clients with complete care, DLP Expert covers all their needs via internal sales and technical teams. Besides TEHTRIS technologies, DLP Expert also offers backup, secure data wiping, passwordless authentication, and interactive sandbox solutions.

Evolution of cyberthreats we observe every day clearly shows that traditional antivirus protection, that we knew and used for many years, simply isn’t enough anymore. Partnership with TEHTRIS allows us to offer high-end, next-gen, and made in Europe protection to our clients.

Estratec 360 born from the experience in the field of business and technology consultancy. ESTRATEC 360 is a Customer Centric company, where the customer is the focus, with three basic pillars of service, business continuity, cybersecurity and process automation, and our slogan is your challenge inspires us.

Customers increasingly expect us to be able to improve the stability and security of their platforms, with our partnership with TEHTRIS we can simplify operations, identify cyber protection across the board and provide a single dashboard. This partnership is a step forward in the consolidation of our presence in the market and having TEHTRIS will allow us to achieve this from the perspective of excellence.

Expleo provides a unique offering of integrated engineering, quality and strategic consulting services for digital transformation. By leveraging TEHTRIS’ advanced detection and remediation software capabilities, Expleo and its security operations center is able to guarantee 24/7/365 detection and management services to its clients.

The possibilities that the partnership between Expleo and TEHTRIS offers are extremely exciting. […] Through this partnership, Expleo has been able to quickly develop a new business offering, bringing greater visibility to our customers about potential cyber threats. We are also looking forward to working with TEHTRIS to find innovative approaches to cybersecurity and respond to market changes Brett Tarr, Head of Cybersecurity Operations at Expleo

EYRACybersecurity is a specialized cybersecurity and privacy Swiss company. We build trust for your business in the digital world. Leveraging a large pool of certified professionals, we strengthen your cyber resilience posture, by adopting a risk-based and layered security strategy. Consulting, assessment, security product integration and managed services such as running Security Operation Centers are part of our daily work.

Switzerland, as a financial center dedicated to wealth management, is particularly under threat from cyber attacks, as are industry and the public sector, which have not been spared this year by an unprecedented upsurge of ransomware. Beyond the traditional solutions of the MDR market we were particularly impressed by the unique ability of TEHTRIS to neutralize attacks upstream! This is a guarantee of efficiency and productivity for the Managed Security Services teams. Beyond the solution we also found a quality team and seamless support to develop the best defensive schemes for our customers! Yves Froppier, CEO EYRACybersecurity

Global Technology is a company focused on providing Cybersecurity services, whose mission is: “To help our clients protect their critical assets from the most common threats, providing highly qualified technicians and proven technology”. Since 2009, our experience in +300 clients, of which +20 are Spanish critical infrastructures, endorses our ability to understand the Cybersecurity sector. For more than a decade we have matured specialized areas in ethical hacking, deployment/operation of solutions and regulatory compliance… All of them supported by our SOC-CSIRT.

In an ecosystem as young as that of cybersecurity, it is difficult to choose the right technological solutions that provide long-term value. In addition, the sectors in which we operate, and especially European critical infrastructures, require solutions that are close, proven and with guaranteed continuity. TEHTRIS meets these 3 requirements, maintaining its headquarters in an EU member country, while betting on the Spanish market. Integrating TEHTRIS solutions into Global Technology’s services ensures that we remain consistent with our philosophy and mission, helping us to obtain immediate results… Without forgetting that Cybersecurity is a long-term battle. Enrique Polanco – CEO Global Technology

Sermicro is a group of TIC Services companies: Develop and integrate Solutions. Their mission is to help companies to deploy their business strategy through an efficient and innovative use of technology. Sermicro have been in the market for more than 30 years and they have more than 2,800 qualified and committed professionals who develop global projects and solutions for both companies and public administrations. Their objective is to add value to the business of all the clients. Coverage is one of their great strengths. Sermicro Group have 54 points of assistance in Spain and Portugal, so that, in addition to proximity to customers, they can develop their services with total homogeneity and efficiency. All of this maintaining continuous innovation and improvement.

CYSE, the cybersecurity area of the Sermicro Group, has the mission to offer the highest quality and performance to its customers, providing them with access to the best IT Security technologies, adapting to their needs, regardless of the type of company, time and environment. An important part of this mission is linked to establishing partnerships with the best cybersecurity solutions on the market. Our partnership with TEHTRIS means expanding our portfolio with one of the most important European vendors in the EDR solutions market, which will allow us to offer our customers an innovative and forceful solution, which will neutralise threats, known or unknown, in real time, keeping data continuously protected. Carlos Araújo López, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant CYSE (Grupo Sermicro)

IaaS365 is a Spanish Company focused on providing global, strategic and innovate technological solutions to its clients, helping them transform to face the challenges of the new digital age. Its team is made up of more than 180 professionals with more than fifteen years of experience and recognition in the environment of IT systems and critical environments. We have two own Data Centers in Spain from which we offer high value and specialized cloud-based solutions. The company offers a wide portfolio of IT services across Cloud Solutions, Cybersecurity services, Technology Consulting, IT Infrastructure and Managed Services. Its objective is to provide an agile, secure and flexible response to changing technological challenges of organizations.

The reliability of the technology and services we offer our clients is one of IaaS365’s main values, so the trust in TEHTRIS’ platform and its power to help companies to get the best security guarantees are key factors in achieving our goals. Fernando Calvo, Director de Desarrollo de Negocio.

Infoser New Technologies is a company dedicated to the professional supply of reference hardware and software. Since 2018, it has been building trust among multiple clients in the public sector as a priority, offering quality solutions in supply and developing the consulting area, specializing in IT services, cloud, big data and digitization. It currently has a national and international presence offering services in large public companies, hand in hand with TEHTRIS we can offer our clients the safest services that these types of companies require.

The association of Infoser New Technologies with TEHTRIS has allowed us to improve in terms of security.As our clients are private and public companies but belong to the largest companies listed on the stock market, they need the best security guarantees. For this we can count on multiple solutions to deal with the most obvious threats. Fernando López- Sales Director, Infoser New Technologies.

ITCqure Cyber Solutions is founded under the model of an international MDR for the provision of managed services in Cyber Security, Cyber Protection, Cyber Resilience, Cyber Surveillance and Cyber Intelligence with its own offices in Madrid, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Quito, Asunción, and Riyadh. ITCqure maintains strategic alliances with other SOCs and CSIRTs around the world, they trust on industry-leading vendors and leaders in the field of cyber security. ITCqure’s strength is seen in the capability and high degree of specialization of the multi-disciplinary group of experts that enables them to offer comprehensive quality services in strategic consulting, operation, audits, and compliance, 24/7 training and threat and security risk management in ICT/OT ecosystems.

Through the strategic alliance with TEHTRIS, one of the key players in the cyber industry, ITCqure will benefit from the brand’s excellence in technology solutions, as well as the technical support of a large team of experts and professionals working on strategies for the protection and defense of TIC’s assets. The integration of TEHTRIS’ solutions into our portfolio allows us to align our vision and mission to the market trend, and consequently, enables us to provide robust solutions to our clients. Carlos Álvarez Samaniego, Global CEO & Founder, ITCqure

ITE, born in 2013, initially focused on excellence and improvement of industrial processes. Specialized in DEFENSE, ENGINEERING and CYBER SECURITY, today they have become a reference in services and technological solutions. It is a collaborating partner of excellence for the Ministry of Defense in Spain, especially in integral projects, offering turnkey projects, always with a degree of added value in tactical solutions. They are experts in IT cyber security, OT and intelligence services. Their philosophy is to be close to their clients, offering them a personalized service in all the projects they carry out. Thanks to this philosophy, they are present in Cadiz, Seville, Albacete, Talavera la Real, Madrid and Portugal.

With TEHTRIS’ technologically advanced solutions and the professional services provided by ITE, we will provide our customers with a new, more targeted offering that will enable them to protect themselves from potential cyber threats in an increasingly connected and vulnerable world. Thanks to the collaboration with TEHTRIS, ITE closes the circle with the best manufacturers in the industry. We are convinced that this partnership will be a success. Oven Martín, CEO, Integración Tecnológica Empresarial.

ITSICAP is a young and dynamic company specialized in providing consultancy services in the information technology since 2008. Their portfolio of services consists of: digitalization and process automation, application development, Workforce outsourcing, web, and e-commerce development, help desk and cybersecurity solutions. ITSICAP goals has always been to become a trusted technology partner for clients, making their problems our own. They approach their work in a different way, increasing the commitment for the quality of the results. ITSICAP help partners to identify and take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers, adapting to their needs to make the best decisions.

Cybersecurity is one of the main drivers of business today. Vulnerability is becoming more and more frequent, and it is essential to be aware of it and know how to manage it. At ITSICAP, having a partner like TEHTRIS allows us to evolve on a large scale in terms of cybersecurity. We are grateful to be able to count on a technological solution like TEHTRIS among the many that exist on the market, only a few can provide value to the companies. This allows us to offer our clients a quality and reliable tool supported by a professional company in the sector Jose María García, CEO

Historically positioned as an integrator of infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions, Metsys now delivers a comprehensive service offering from the audit and design phase to implementation and support. Metsys is present throughout France through its 10 agencies (Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Tours, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Strasbourg and Lille) and is equipped with a 24/7 SOC.

We set up a partnership with TEHTRIS a few months ago in order to complete our technological offer and propose to our customers and prospects an efficient XDR solution allowing to significantly improve the productivity of their SOC teams. Our technical experts were immediately receptive to this alliance and we naturally put together a Micro SOC offer and are currently starting to market it. I am confident that this partnership between TEHTRIS and METSYS will be a success. Laurent Cayatte, CEO of METSYS

Since 2004, Nomios has been built on the observation that security in companies is a specialist’s job. Companies need customised support with very specific expertise. Infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions are tuned to each company’s applications, data and business. Nomios offers integration services, managed services and SOC using TEHTRIS solutions.

It is with great enthusiasm and pride that we started our partnership with TEHTRIS. TEHTRIS’ cybersecurity approach fits perfectly with the services we strive to provide to our customers. The proximity between our technical teams allows us to collaborate directly on the evolution of solutions. This collaboration is essential and enables us to design customised solutions for all our clients. Sébastien Kher, CEO and founder of Nomios

Orange Cyberdefense is the expert cybersecurity business unit of the Orange Group. As Europe’s go-to security provider, Orange Cyberdefense strives to build a safer digital society. Orange Cyberdefense is a threat research and intelligence-driven security provider offering unparalleled access to current and emerging threats. Orange Cyberdefense retains a 25+ year track record in information security, 250+ researchers and analysts 16 SOCs, 10 CyberSOCs and 4 CERTs distributed across the world and sales and services support in 160 countries. Orange Cyberdefense offers global protection with local expertise and support companies throughout the entire threat lifecycle.

Our partnership with TEHTRIS allows us to evolve our offer with a sovereign and relevant solution to detect and react automatically and effectively counter increasingly sophisticated threats. We have already signed very good references who have trusted TEHTRIS and OCD, this confirms the value proposition of our collaboration and the ambition of development that we carry together in the coming years. Frédéric ZINK, Directeur Général Orange Cyber Defense

POST Luxembourg is the largest provider of postal and telecommunications services in Luxembourg and also offers financial and philatelic services. POST Luxembourg has adopted an ambitious cybersecurity strategy as of 2019. With around 50 experts, POST Cyberforce team is the result of the convergence of POST, POST Telecom and EBRC’s cybersecurity skills in order to better anticipate and counter the cyber threats that affect its customers.

In an increasingly connected world, and one that will undoubtedly become even more so, the stakes transcend national borders. Having a sovereign and relevant solution to detect and react automatically becomes imperative to effectively counter polymorphic and increasingly sophisticated threats. The combination of European TEHTRIS technologies and POST CyberForce expertise is the first answer for the Luxembourg market and beyond. Mohamed Ourdane, Head of CyberForce at POST Luxembourg

Cyber-attacks can infiltrate IT systems undetected for months before suddenly bringing entire network landscapes to a halt. Therefore, it is crucial for critical infrastructure organizations to protect themselves with effective IT security. For 35 years, ProSoft has stood for efficient and secure solutions in IT security and IT management. ProSoft offers only solutions that provide convincing added value and supports you in implementation. More than 5,000 customers trust in ProSoft.

“At ProSoft, we aim to offer only top-tier European solutions to our critical infrastructure clients, which is why we are pleased to include TEHTRIS as a manufacturer in our portfolio. Being European is a key factor for ministries and other security-sensitive organizations that must meet strict EU and BSI regulations. The robust, scalable TEHTRIS XDR Platform provides exceptional protection specifically for critical infrastructure organizations and integrates seamlessly into existing security frameworks.” Robert Korherr, CEO at ProSoft

For over 16 years, protectONE® has specialized in the planning, development and operation of secure and high-performance application and network infrastructures. protectONE® offers companies and organizations a wide range of IT security services – reliable, competent and vendor-neutral. In addition, protectONE® offers operational support for systems that have already been implemented. Since October 2014, protectONE® has been a member of the “BSI -ALLIANCE FOR CYBER SECURITY.

“We are on the threshold of a new era of cyber security. It’s not just about detecting threats, but proactively preventing them. Our vision is to create innovative and easy-to-implement complete solutions. This is how we create environments in which security and efficiency go hand in hand. Join us at the forefront of this movement to make the digital world a safer place.” Rafael Gödde – CEO

Red Lemon is a Spanish company holding great expertise in Cybersecurity, especially when talking about security monitoring (SIEM, NDR, EDR, and alike). Our main objective at Red Lemon is to provide actual security, protecting critical assets from both known and unknown threats. Thank to our highly skilled professionals we deliver high quality services to all those security-aware customers that rely on us to improve their security posture.

The cybersecurity world changes so fast that you need reliable products and associates to provide high-quality services. That’s what TEHTRIS provides us, ensuring we can build our security service on solid foundations. Gabriel Crespo, Director, Red Lemon Technologies, S.L.

Sopra Steria, a European tech leader, renowned for its consulting, digital services and software development, helps its clients drive their digital transformation and obtain tangible and sustainable benefits. It provides end-to-end solutions to make large companies and organizations more competitive by combining in-depth knowledge of a wide range of business sectors and innovative technologies with a fully collaborative approach. Sopra Steria places people at the heart of everything it does and is committed to putting digital to work for its clients in order to build a positive future for all. With 47,000 employees in nearly 30 countries, the Group generated revenue of €4.7 billion in 2021. In Spain, Sopra Steria has been present since the year 2000 and has 4,100 professionals distributed among its 11 delegations. It has a complete offer of solutions and services for the Banking and Insurance, Public Administration, Transport, Retail, Infrastructure Management and Airline, Telco, Utilities and Energy sectors. Among its clients are a large part of the Ibex 35 companies, which have tackled different transformation programs and optimization of the use of digital technology.

In a context where cyberattacks are constantly evolving and the activity is changing, security is one of the main challenges companies are facing. In Sopra Steria we help our customers, not only through the implementation of concrete solutions, but through innovation, relying on our cybersecurity center, in order to prevent entities infrastructure vulnerabilities and to identify and react in time to a cyberattack of any kind. In this context, our partnership with a reference such as TEHTRIS demonstrates our commitment to provide security to our customers and integral, evermore effective, and innovative solutions that will protect their data and their business productivity Antonio Peñalver – CEO Sopra Steria Spain

STAREUP INNOVA SL is a cybersecurity solutions distribution company, dedicated to offering a complete service to large organisations in the search and implementation of a wide range of services and products related to technology and cybersecurity. The company prides itself on its commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service.

The partnership between STAREUP and TEHTRIS is based on a shared vision to create significant market impact and address emerging challenges related to cybersecurity and organisational security. This alliance represents an exciting opportunity to leverage joint creativity and expertise for the benefit of our customers and business partners. This strategic alliance marks an important milestone on the road to innovation and safety in the marketplace. Both companies are committed to meeting their objectives and exceeding their customers’ expectations. Alvaro Carrillo , Principal Chief Executive Officer.

Partnering with TEHTRIS

The increasing sophistication of the tools and techniques used by cyberattackers makes antivirus programs and other traditional cybersecurity solutions ineffective. In the face of sophisticated, increasingly violent and numerous attacks, prevention is no longer enough.

It is time to take a comprehensive approach to effectively protect information systems. More than ever, organizations need comprehensive, intelligent and automated solutions to close all security gaps, especially at their endpoints.

Today, it is essential to proactively contain threats and respond to attacks quickly and effectively.