Become part of the cyber matrix by joining TEHTRIS.

Joining TEHTRIS means making the choice to put your skills at the service to the fight against cybercrime.

Join us, many positions open!

Joining TEHTRIS is also an opportunity to develop knowledge within a caring and highly technological ecosystem, where the technical concepts put forward are systematically developed in-house by dedicated teams of experts.

TEHTRIS is a pioneer in cybersecurity research fields, and is proud to offer its customers solutions that are both innovative and field-proven.


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TEHTRIS’ values

Agile mind

The TEHTRIS culture values teamwork and proximity between all employees, including the COMEX! Everyone contributes actively to the success of the TEHTRIS adventure.

Personal development

We believe that everyone should find meaning in their work and feel useful in their professional environment. We ensure a harmonious work-life balance for all our employees.

Social commitment

We are committed to creating jobs and training our employees to maintain their employability and enhance their expertise. Diversity, inclusion and equity.

Professional development

Whether it’s transforming an internship into a permanent contract, or gradually taking on responsibilities within TEHTRIS and following training courses, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement!

Quality work environment

TEHTRIS pays great attention to the well-being of its employees in the workplace. To contribute to this, we have opted for quality furniture, top-of-the-range IT equipment and a comfortable, sustainable building.

Possibility to work 100% from home

Because talent is everywhere, we choose to come directly to it. That’s why some of our jobs can be in hybrid or 100% remote mode.

They talk about it the best

Join the teams

And now you know who we are. Want to join TEHTRIS? That’s great news!

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Beautiful stories are written in a bright future

Being part of the TEHTRIS adventure also means immersing yourself in life in Bordeaux and investing in the entrepreneurial life of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Find out more about the “Campus Cyber Nouvelle-Aquitaine” project, the region’s new cybersecurity heart, which will house the new TEHTRIS headquarters… and maybe your future office?