Your smartphones protected from cyber attacks ​​

MTD ensures a total protection of your smartphones against cyber attacks (Jailbreak/Root, Man-in-the-middle, malicious applications…).


TEHTRIS est reconnu comme fournisseur représentatif dans le Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense 2023.

ISO 27001

Why choose MTD ?

Enhanced protection

MTD detects network, application, or system anomalies while meeting compliance requirements. Our solution provides immediate protection against attacks on Android, iOS and iPadOS.


Installed and deployed in less than an hour, MTD scans and reports alerts in seconds for optimal decision making.


TEHTRIS makes the deployment and operation of mobile fleet protection projects as simple as possible. Operated remotely via SaaS, the protection of your fleet includes configuration, deployment (via MDM or manually) and maintenance.


Any user can launch a scan at any time. At fleet level, scans are automatically launched periodically.

Increased power

MTD protects your mobile fleet, while integrating with your TEHTRIS XDR AI Platform. Get extended visibility with dedicated console access to optimize your data centralization and fleet management.


The technical legitimacy of TEHTRIS is linked to its numerous discoveries of critical security flaws that can be exploited remotely in the Android and iOS brands.

Our customers tell us: simply managing mobile fleets with MDM is no longer enough. A detection and remediation solution has become essential.

With MTD :

  • Protect your smartphones with phone port scans, phone root detection, alternative store detection, malicious library injection detection…
  • Blocklist malicious websites with the integrated TEHTRIS DNS Firewall
  • In case of compromise, use TEHTRIS MTD remediation features to remotely uninstall malicious APKs or perform DNS isolation of the compromised device
  • Create your own custom DNS isolation and push notification SOAR playbooks
  • Stay in control of your fleet’s security with TEHTRIS MTD’s exclusive notifications with customizable alert thresholds

Get immediate 360-degree visibility of your entire mobile fleet. MTD installs and deploys quickly, with no settings changes or user actions required. The protection of your devices is operated remotely in SaaS. It allows you to be informed in real time of attacks on your fleet thanks to the security alert notifications of the TEHTRIS XDR AI Platform.


to deploy MTD


minute to perform a security scan


new mobile threats discovered every day

Compatible platforms

To protect your mobile devices, the TEHTRIS MTD cybersecurity app is compatible with:

  • APPLE : iOS (from iOS 15) for iPhone and iPad / iPadOS (from iPadOS 15) for iPad
  • ANDROID : Android (from Android 8) for smartphones, tablets & chromebooks

Perfectly integrated into the

In cybersecurity, orchestrating events and reacting to threats with efficiency and speed is a fundamental challenge.

To achieve this, TEHTRIS integrates its own SOAR, DNS Firewall, CTI, and its artificial intelligence CYBERIA to the TEHTRIS XDR AI Platform.

Increased efficiency with
Unified Endpoint Security approach


Unify the security of all your endpoints (computers, servers, smartphones, tablets…) with the UES bundle, which combines EDR, EPP and MTD in a single console.

Certified and recognized by
many actors of the cyber world

Leading cybersecurity authorities, analysts and associations recommend TEHTRIS solutions

MITRE ATT&CK compliance

MITRE ATT&CK is a knowledge base with a model of the behavior of a cyber attacker, reflecting the different phases of the attack life cycle according to the targeted platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile, etc.

Discover the compatibility of TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM


Preserve the sovereignty
and integrity of your data

Since 2010, TEHTRIS innovates and improves
its cyber defense solution, through the
different modules of the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM.

Choose the European leader in cyber security!


What are the functions offered by the module?

MTD scans applications as soon as they are installed and when they are updated. Application control (monitoring and alerts) is performed directly from the TEHTRIS XDR AI Platform console for the customer’s operational teams and from the device by the end user. The TEHTRIS XDR AI Platform console is the management and monitoring center for the customer’s devices running the MTD application. It provides a quick overview of the alerts raised by the application, their level of criticality, the IP address of the device concerned, the number of malware-type applications present on the devices, the latest security patch for each device, etc.

Is it an EDR for mobile equipment?

It is not an EDR for mobile devices, but rather a Mobile Threat Defense solution.

Can we replace an EMM/MDM with this solution?

This is not the objective. On the contrary, the use of a Mobile Threat Defense solution comes as a security complement beyond the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) part in connection with the EMM/MDM parts. Nevertheless, a possible use case for our solution is to use it on devices that could not be added in your EMM/MDM, in order to add an endpoint layer on this perimeter.

What are the differences with an EMM/MDM?

The MTD app is a cybersecurity solution to protect your fleet of smartphones, tablets, chromebooks and Android TVs. It is therefore not an EMM/MDM. Nevertheless, MTD is managed from a centralized cloud-based console. This console offers a global view of the security of the mobile fleet. Available to the customer and his mobile administrators or SOC, it is possible to monitor security elements that do not appear in an EMM/MDM. TEHTRIS MTD can be deployed with or without EMM/MDM technology, but it is clear that deployment will be much more automatic with EMM/MDM.

Which OS are supported?

The MTD app is compatible with iOS (≥ iOS 15), iPadOS (≥ iPadOS 15) and Android (≥ Android 8) devices to protect your mobile device fleet