Cyber & Intelligence Expertise

TEHTRIS has its own CERT, run by recognized experts in cyber threat monitoring and response.

Our mission

In case of cyber incidents or during a recovery phase to avoid reinfection, experts provide advices to take care of your cybersecurity. TEHTRIS cyber analysts are working daily to improve tools’ technologies and precise configurations to offer you the best defenses against never-ending evolving cyber threats.

Cyber threat intelligence is knowledge and experience-based information concerning the occurrence and assessment of both cyber threats and threat actors, that is intended to help mitigate attacks in cyberspace. TEHTRIS analysts’ team proactively gathers, analyzes, and communicates on relevant threats in order to prepare for emerging cybercriminal tendencies. As a software editor, TEHTRIS collects relevant information from diverse external sources. TEHTRIS cyber analysts are in charge of collecting data from honeypots and sensors deployed all around the globe to study cyberthreats and elaborate trends. Reports on results captured by our worldwide honeypot network are regularly published on our blog. Furthermore, TEHTRIS experts recover Indicators of Comprise (IoCs) from TEHTRIS solutions, that contribute to extensive research regarding malwares. TEHTRIS cyber analysts interact with partners as well as cybersecurity organizations, such as the CTA, to both contribute to and benefit from the exchange of cybersecurity knowledge on the mission to make cyberspace a safer place.