TEHTRIS CyberSphere Configurations

Customized detection configurations service

To ensure that your EDR detects, analyzes, and responds to incidents in real time, it needs to be set up with up-to-date configurations.

The configuration is implemented via parameters and policy applications, in accordance with the characteristics of your environment.

With TEHTRIS CyberSphere Configurations you will get:

the specific features of your information system require customized configurations.

your configurations minimize the volume of alerts and false positives. They enable your teams to focus only on relevant alerts and qualified security incidents.

cyber threats are constantly evolving. The right, up-to-date configuration of your EDR enhances the detection and response to new threats.

configured application policies guarantee the safety and optimal operation of your EDR.

Our service is specifically designed to address critical challenges that compromise endpoint security and operational efficiency.

Stages of support :

  • Evaluation of existing configurations
  • Analysis of the configurations and verification (if there are any)
  • Suggestion of new configurations
  • Review with the client
  • Implementation of the new configurations
  • Knowledge transfer