TEHTRIS NTA is a tactical solution for analyzing your network flows in real time, using flow capture, metadata (NetFlow) and passive audit mechanisms.

Network Traffic Analysis

TEHTRIS NTA is a tactical solution for analyzing your network flows in real time, using flow capture metadata and passive audit mechanisms. Depending on its position in your infrastructure, TEHTRIS NTA can monitor both north/south and east/west flows. Several modules are available in TEHTRIS NTA, including signature-based detection and behavioral-based techniques. TEHTRIS NTA continuously learns and examines all flows to perform advanced analysis and detect network anomalies

By recording metadata in NetFlow mode, TEHTRIS NTA offers the ability to go back in time, finding out who spoke to whom, when and how. Unlike many solutions, TEHTRIS NTA does not require a SIEM to be useful, since the tool is directly integrated into the TEHTRIS XDR Platform. In addition, TEHTRIS NTA is not limited to signature or user behavior analysis to raise alerts. Indeed, some suspicious elements, like lateral movements or slow stealth scans, may be detected in other ways, such as lateral movements, or slow stealth scans.

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why tehtris NTA?


TEHTRIS NTA offers unique network flow monitoring functionalities with a signature-based NIDS component, a network forensic-type component (integrating a tactical behavioral engine), and passive auditing to reduce the area of exposure.


TEHTRIS NTA can be your network monitoring probe, natively integrated to the TEHTRIS XDR Platform with tools for SOAR, CTI, hunting, compliance, incident management and so on.


TEHTRIS NTA easily works with IT or OT environments, because of its unique internal engines. For IT environments, we can regularly catch unwanted activities like backdoors and outbound C&C. Regarding OT, we offer a strong advantage with our passive audit feature, because we can detect legacy security issues hidden in complex plants.


TEHTRIS NTA incredibly simplifies the complexity of network monitoring projects, with TEHTRIS taking on the deployment and maintenance of operational conditions.


TEHTRIS NTA probes do not modify systems in production. They simply add passive collection points, so as not to disrupt the elements already in place.


TEHTRIS NTA runs on appliances using TEHTRIX distribution, which is fully disk encrypted, with advanced protection mechanisms such as RBAC in the kernel and 0-day protection.