eGambit PLATFORM "Security by design"

TEHTRIS has developed its own cyber defense arsenal called eGambit to control and improve the IT security of private and public companies against advanced cyber threats such as cyber espionage or cyber sabotage activities.
The design, research and deployment of eGambit solutions are carried out by TEHTRIS. The eGambit platform is completely modular, through a SaaS model. Customers can smarly choose the security bricks to deploy, with a scalability spirit, by opting for Virtual Appliances in the cloud and/or On-Premise.

Every year, eGambit analyzes billions of cyber security events worldwide, thanks to the expertise of TEHTRIS experts. 100% of the source code is in TEHTRIS’ hands and has been designed with advanced robustness.


Created in 2012, this holistic “Security by design” solution, eGambit, protects many companies in North America (United States, Canada, Mexico), South America (Brazil, Colombia…), Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom…), Middle East (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates…) and Asia (China, India, Indonesia…).

eGambit is deployed with some simplicity, while remaining very modular. For example, one or more SIEM, or EDR appliances can be installed internally or in the cloud to track your own security objectives and projects.



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eGambit EDR

Automatic and
real-time mitigation of attacks

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eGambit SIEM

Centralization, archive, ciphering and analyzis of security logs

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eGambit ZONE

Detection, alerting and logging of network intrusions

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eGambit SNIF

Network flows analysis with signatures and Netflow data

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eGambit MOBI

Global vision of mobiles and tablets security

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eGambit HOME

Free protection application for individuals

Compliant with RGPD regulations

Since its creation, TEHTRIS has taken into account, from the very beginning, the protection of all data processed in order to ensure the security of the information systems entrusted to it, from the time of development and each time its eGambit arsenal is improved. Security and privacy by design measures are used for each step of data processing, from the collection of data in your infrastructure to its destruction on our Appliances.
TEHTRIS applies the same principles of security and privacy by design in each of its eGambit Solutions in order to protect the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of your data.