TURLA – MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations: Enterprise

For the first time, TEHTRIS participated in the 2023 MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluations: Enterprise. Using TEHTRIS XDR and EDR Optimus, we successfully demonstrated our robust threat detection capabilities at critical points in the cyberattack kill chain, which, combined with the remediation capabilities of the EDR and SOAR modules, would have immediately neutralized threats without the […]

The impact of European sovereignty on your company

“30% of CISOs of CAC 40 companies are already convinced of the risks posed by foreign solution providers”, according to the Institut Choiseul*. Security breaches caused by non-European cybersecurity solutions are becoming a reality for many companies. Europe is stepping up its response to this threat. One new European regulation follows another, making European sovereignty […]

Leaks: a cyber weapon

One of the main concerns for 2023 is the risk of data leaks from civilian devices and networks. This type of threat is encouraged by the resurgence of digital warfare. Medical data and more broadly all personal data will be the most sought after information. The reason is almost simple: cybercriminals are increasingly adopting a […]

Attacks on VMware ESXi servers

These past few days, a ransomware attack campaign has taken place, affecting thousands of VMware ESXi servers in several countries, especially in Europe. It was massively and publicly discovered during the first weekend of February. This campaign appears to be exploiting the vulnerability CVE-2021-21974 (CVSS V3 : 8,8) for which a patch has been available […]

Increase of DDoS attacks

“Collective attacks by saturation of service” is now the French expression to talk about DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service attack) that dominate the headlines of cybercrime. Cybercriminals are expanding their attack techniques, even if DDoS attacks are not new, the news has put them in the spotlight, becoming a growing threat, causing several damages […]

Trend 2023: AI-powered disinformation

The geopolitical news and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict have highlighted the threat and impact of disinformation. Of course, this threat has always existed, but the spotlight is now on this issue. This threat becomes even more dangerous when it involves “machines”. Indeed, AI will be exploited in 2023 to improve operations that automate disinformation campaigns. How […]

Cybersecurity: the Christmas challenge

After Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas shopping is just around the corner, so here’s a little safety reminder to internet shoppers and businesses to stay more serene during this festive season. Bear in mind that the holiday season accounts for 1/4[1] of all scams committed during the year. Most organizations don’t realize the risk, yet […]

The top 5 cyber attacks of 2022 

Cyber attacks have been ranked as the fifth most important risk. Cyber attacks have never been more in the news, making headlines and invading our daily lives. Here are the top attacks of this year 2022, a list obviously not exhaustive, as WatchGuard cybersecurity researchers have identified “80% more (ransomware) compared to last quarter, and […]

The cyber risk for the real estate sector

Until now, the construction industry was not at the top of the list of sectors targeted by attackers, preferring finance, health, and justice. However, we have recently witnessed a paradigm shift. Today, it doesn’t matter what sector a company is in, what size it is, or what field it is in. Cybersecurity concerns everyone. Construction […]

Why So Serious? The Joker returns to the Google Play Store

Several researchers have revealed the existence of applications available on the Google Play Store containing a malicious program from the Joker family. Joker is a malware discovered in 2019 that seeks, among other things, to steal SMS messages and make its victims subscribe to premium programs. This type of application is part of the family […]

Cyber or not cyber ?

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