What is an Open XDR Platform?

Open XDR scheme, with incoming and outgoing apis

While XDR (eXtended Detection & Response) technology has become the benchmark in the cyber defense arsenal of companies and administrations, the term Open XDR also seems to be the future of these platforms. Marketing promise or revolution in the Cyber ecosystem? Let’s find out what OPEN XDR means, these platforms open to products from multiple […]

The shockingly sorry state of Healthcare and how cyber attackers are making it worse

Hospitals are already stretched thin, caring for a surging population of coronavirus-hit patients. On top of that, healthcare institutions are being pushed over their limits with cyberattacks and digital scams. Among the many damaging attacks being inflicted on hospitals, the worst ones are by far ransomware attacks, which can cause entire hospitals to shut down […]


People with Mask

Our country and our world are shaken by the current health and economic crisis. In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Cedric O, Secretary of State in charge of Digital Affairs within the French government, has launched a call for mobilisation of digital stakeholders. COVID-19: TEHTRIS EDR PROTECT HOSPITALS WORLWIDE TEHTRIS protects hospitals around the […]

Why IoT could be our greatest cybersecurity risk

The Internet of Things offers us new ways to build potential value and offer it without human intervention. The seeming boon of the IoT is also its greatest risk. With over 26 billion devices projected to form part of the IoT in 2020, we face an urgent risk. The IoT is different from traditional computers […]

2020: The year of unknown cyber threats. Are you cyber-ready?

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Most traditional security systems and products are built to address known threats. When they see and detect something malicious, they block it. Now, to get past these products that block known threats, attackers are forced to innovate and come up with something never seen before. Not a problem. Experts report stumbling upon 300k to 700k […]

Cyberthreat a worldwide risk? [and tips on navigating the threat]

Cyberthreat a worldwide risk?

The 15th edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report is out. Alongside recognizing the economic, environmental, geopolitical, and societal risks, the report also emphasizes on technological risks in the form of cyberattacks that face us in 2020, more intense and complicated than ever before. The Global Risk Report 2020 talks about the “Wild […]

Do Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have a role in cybersecurity?

We are thriving in a digital era when digital systems have become the backbone of our daily activities. Now, when a cyberattack realizes itself, it has the potential to hamper our lives in many ways. A recent security research highlights that most companies have poor cybersecurity policies and unprotected data, making them vulnerable to cybercrimes. […]

Targeted Ransomware and Cyber Insurance to Rise in 2020

In 2019, experts predicted that one business will fall prey to ransomware every 14 seconds. By 2021, that span will shrink further to 11 seconds. The global ransomware damage costs are expected to escalate to up to $20 billion by then. The good news is that technology is shifting at a rapid pace. Systems are […]

Top Alarming Cybersecurity Breaches in 2019 and How to Avoid them in 2020​

2019 is in the past already. Let’s share a summary around a few selected points. We witnessed a year full of data breaches, from supply chain manipulations to ransomware attacks. So much so that a well-known news organization recently announced that cybersecurity was the biggest threat looming over the global economy. And… The World Economic […]