Trend 2023: AI-powered disinformation

The geopolitical news and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict have highlighted the threat and impact of disinformation. Of course, this threat has always existed, but the spotlight is now on this issue.

This threat becomes even more dangerous when it involves “machines”. Indeed, AI will be exploited in 2023 to improve operations that automate disinformation campaigns.

How does artificial intelligence play a role in spreading disinformation?

Software based on artificial intelligence can produce images, videos and sometimes even voices generated by AI.

The major problem today is that almost anyone, without technical expertise, can generate such content using online software.

Conspiracy theorists, propagandists, cybercriminals, will be able to have a field day and that’s where the danger lies.

What are the risks?

Cybercriminals will be able to influence public opinion, create false images and manipulate shamelessly. We saw this when false information was spread following the election of President Donald Trump. This manipulation has created a lot of controversy.

Malicious actors are using machine learning technologies to precisely target the next victims and generate societal unrest. The Ukrainian case is quite significant (example of the case of the mysterious Ukrainian pilot who would have shot down six Russian planes on the first day of the invasion)

We should expect that the year 2023 will be full of AI-fueled disinformation campaigns much more sophisticated, more personalized, faster, and increasingly difficult to detect.

And if we look at the glass half full, will AI also be able to help counter fake news?

Fortunately, there are also data algorithms that will detect false or manipulated contents, by comparing them to several facts, by analyzing hundreds and thousands of pages, or publications, containing similar facts.

Unfortunately, there is still a stone in the shoe, namely that semantic analysis does not always apply, especially on certain encrypted platforms.

Because the technological race is parmenant, beware of manipulation and keep our critical spirit!