Cyber Threat in the Health Sector : Exploring Solutions

In the healthcare sector, cyber attacks are not limited to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurers, medical analysis firms, etc. All other institutions likely to hold sensitive information will be targeted by cybercriminals. Faced with this situation, many initiatives have been put in place. Summary What are the protection? A collaborative approach « TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves […]

The ransomware Redeemer is back!

A new version of the Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) Redeemer has been launched earlier this summer. This ransomware builder became popular in June 2021 when the creator published the 1.0 programming code version on a forum. Sommaire About Redeemer 2.0 Redeemer stands out from other RaaS as it is free and publicly available for […]

Why So Serious? The Joker returns to the Google Play Store

Several researchers have revealed the existence of applications available on the Google Play Store containing a malicious program from the Joker family. Joker is a malware discovered in 2019 that seeks, among other things, to steal SMS messages and make its victims subscribe to premium programs. This type of application is part of the family […]

Adversary-In-The-Middle what is it?

10,000 organizations since September 2021 have been hit by a massive phishing campaign that stole victims’ passwords, bypassed the MFA. To do this, the attackers used a tactic known as Adversary-in-the-Middle (AiTM). In a previous article we discussed the phishing technique, this time let’s look at a specific AiTM technique. Summary Phishing AITM What is […]

Anti-virus or EDR? understanding the differences and their advantages

Protecting your company with an antivirus or an EDR? Not a trivial question. Faced with the complexity and increase in attacks, it is essential to have the means to secure the information system of each company. Antivirus protection is essential. Endpoint Detection and Response and antivirus are part of this arsenal, necessary for every company. […]

VSEs/SMEs: Why are they targeted by cyber attacks?

The need for cybersecurity in business has become a reality regardless of the size of the company. Ransomware, phishing, BEC attacks, DDOS attacks can affect anyone. No organization is safe from an attack. Neither are smaller organizations, and they are particularly targeted by cyber attacks as well. The number of cyber attacks tends to increase […]

Cybersecurity: Preparing your company for vacation

Taking a break from the office? Lucky you… but cybercriminals don’t! Cybercrime continues to escalate. During the summer, companies need to be extra vigilant. It’s obvious that hackers will also take advantage of the vacations. Phishing and malware attacks are more likely to be encountered during the summer months. Most organizations don’t fully appreciate the […]

Public services facing cyber attacks

Paralyzed communities, blocked administrations, threatened hospitals, these headlines are unfortunately in the news. Cyber attacks in the public sector have been endemic for the past few years, making it the ideal prey for cyber attackers. Digitization and the Covid-19 pandemic have played a key role in this. A government agency (or public administration) is responsible […]

BRATA: Ordinary software with extra ordinary features

Spain targeted by BRATA? The malware is back in the spotlight, and is growing to the point of becoming a real advanced persistent threat (APT). Let’s see who this malware is. Who is Brata? How does it work? Brata in Spain TEHTRIS Who is Brata? January 2019 BRATA stands for Brazilian Remote Access Tool Android, […]

Cyber insurance : a new challenge

Given the excitement around insurance in the cyber ecosystem, we decided to devote an article. It is clear that the scope of risks is increasing, so more and more companies will have to insure themselves, and the cyber insurance market will therefore be the object of a significant growth. We will review some of these […]

Cyber or not cyber ?

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