April 2022: Cyberattacks and malware to watch closely

No rest for cybercriminals. The last few weeks prove it again. Attackers are investing, diversifying, and using ever more devious techniques. TEHTRIS offers you a short tour of the campaigns and malware that are making the news, and that will require our full attention. Cybercriminals are happy to go without a break Sommaire Enemybot Identity […]

Web 3.0: What is it, what could it change?

Web revolution, mutations. Yesterday the web was static, tomorrow it will be dynamic.We talk about Web3.0, but what is it exactly? What will be the web of tomorrow? We propose you in this quick article, to come back on this concept which floods … the web. Web 3.0? A matter of decentralized web. Sommaire Return […]

Why is AI via UEBA transforming cybersecurity?

With the explosion of increasingly fast and complex attacks, defenders must be more resourceful in implementing the countermeasures necessary to fight back, but which ones? One possible answer lies in user behavioral analysis tools. Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and XDR are tools based on artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis. UBA for “User Behavior Analytics“, […]

The world of healthcare facing cyber attacks

The healthcare sector has been under multiple attacks lately. This vulnerability is due to an unprecedented modernization. This upheaval has to take into account the integration of digital technology, connected objects, the arrival of 5G, robotics, … Most of the time this integration has been done in haste, without any security approach. Cybercriminals have seen […]

How to protect yourself from mobile cyber threats?

Cyberattacks affect all endpoints, even mobile ones. They can take different forms and have sometimes disastrous consequences for organizations. In this context, knowing the risks linked to the use of a smartphone, applying good practices, and adopting appropriate security solutions allows to protect oneself efficiently against what is often called “mobile threats” (cyber threats). Smartphones […]

Who are LAPSUS$?

Although not very vocal until the latest attacks, LAPSUS$ has known victims from all over the world. The group appears to have emerged in 2020, uses the Portuguese language in its communications and is believed to originate from the South American continent. Until now, members have mainly attacked smaller targets. The particularity of the LAPSUS$ […]

Ukraine/Russia war, a cyber war declared?

On Monday, February 21, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the independence of the separatist regions (Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic) and began bombing the capital Kiev. Europe immediately condemned this decision, as did the United States, which initiated economic sanctions. A visible conflict The cyber risk: a less visible conflict The Ukrainian […]

What are the main cyberattacks on smartphones?

We consult it at least several times a day, and have a strong bond with it. It is a daily assistant that has become essential, and some people can feel lost without it. You will have guessed it, it is the smartphone. The cell phone, so precious for the user, is also precious for cybercriminals […]

IOT : How to protect yourself?

Second part of our dossier dedicated to IOT, after having seen the threats that weigh on these new tools that accompany our daily lives, let’s now see how to protect ourselves. What better way to understand an attack, than to put yourself in the shoes of the potential enemy? It is essential to keep in mind […]

IOT: What place for cybersecurity?

75 billion devices will be online by 2035 and according to the latest GALLUP survey from 2020 “Mobile users, on average, spend about 80% of their time outside the protected corporate network, accessing the Internet from locations other than the office or company.” These new objects are invading our home, our privacy and becoming not […]