NFT, the new Cybercrime paradise

NFT keyword searches have surpassed cryptocurrencies, this is the latest announcement from Google in December 2021. Digital design is on a roll! According to a report by DappRadar, last October, NFTs reportedly generated $148 million more compared to September. How can you not be greedy when you see so many dollars being generated? It was […]

French presidential elections 2022: What are the cyber risks?

The presidential elections in France are approaching, and with them the cyber risk. Tomorrow’s targets will be public sectors: town halls, prefectures, but also political parties or service providers. We can expect attacks on infrastructures directly, or denial of service attempts, or data theft on political party sites, polling institutes… Finally, we must not forget […]

Ukraine: what is this destructive malware disguised as ransomware?

The crisis between Russia and Ukraine is not new. Its origin is historical but accelerated with the events of 2014, which correspond to the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Tension is particularly high in the Donbass region. A tendency to thaw had been felt with the arrival of Volodymyr Oleksandrovytch Zelensky to power in 2019, […]

The holiday season is prone to cyberattacks: better be ready!

Attackers may be right to believe in Santa Claus. One only has to look at the statistics on e-shopping sites and observe the last-minute rush for holiday gifts, with little to no regard for the basic rules of (cyber) security. Hackers will obviously take advantage of the holiday season to slip ransomware, phishing campaigns, fraudulent […]

What are the key challenges of cybersecurity for 2022?

Cybersecurity is not an exact science. That’s why we’ve chosen to talk about challenges rather than trends. The year 2021 was also marked by a pervasive cyber threat. The year 2022 is expected to be just as pervasive. Cybersecurity will remain a priority. Here are the big challenges on the cybersecurity front that seem to […]

The “Grand Défi Cybersecurité” initiative: “SOC in the box 2.0” by TEHTRIS wins

The “Grand Défi Cybersecurité” call for projects, set up by the French government and operated by BPIfrance, aims to support national technological projects of excellence that respond to current digital security issues. Involved in the fight against cybercrime for more than a decade, TEHTRIS presented its “SOC in the box 2.0” project, which won the […]

Among Us: when the game became a mask for ransomware

The primary goal of TEHTRIS is to constantly evolve. Our teams continually monitor the cybersecurity news and developments. In this article, they share one of their analyses that follows the discovery, made in January 2021, of a new ransomware family called CobraLocker, as well as a small open-source tool to recover files encrypted by this […]

Cyber Gangs, the mafias of the future?

When it comes to innovation, cybercriminal gangs are known to be particularly gifted. Some are even close to “genius” as their tools are so elaborate, innovative and ingenious. But these gangs also know how to evolve their tactics, and recently, their organizational structures. Some behave like true multinational companies and, as in all such organizations, […]

The shockingly sorry state of Healthcare and how cyber attackers are making it worse

Hospitals are already stretched thin, caring for a surging population of coronavirus-hit patients. On top of that, healthcare institutions are being pushed over their limits with cyberattacks and digital scams. Among the many damaging attacks being inflicted on hospitals, the worst ones are by far ransomware attacks, which can cause entire hospitals to shut down […]


People with Mask

Our country and our world are shaken by the current health and economic crisis. In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Cedric O, Secretary of State in charge of Digital Affairs within the French government, has launched a call for mobilisation of digital stakeholders. COVID-19: TEHTRIS EDR PROTECT HOSPITALS WORLWIDE TEHTRIS protects hospitals around the […]