The “Grand Défi Cybersecurité” initiative: “SOC in the box 2.0” by TEHTRIS wins

The “Grand Défi Cybersecurité” call for projects, set up by the French government and operated by BPIfrance, aims to support national technological projects of excellence that respond to current digital security issues. Involved in the fight against cybercrime for more than a decade, TEHTRIS presented its “SOC in the box 2.0” project, which won the votes.

What the “SOC in the box 2.0” project by TEHTRIS aims to achieve

The TEHTRIS XDR Platform natively detects, classifies and qualifies by risk level and typology, 24/7, all security incidents, in a fully automated way. By proposing an unprecedented processing of the alerts raised by TEHTRIS products, the “SOC in the box 2.0” project offers clients and partners the possibility to go even further in the hyperautomation of tasks and the optimization of analysis times. To do so, it relies on CYBERIA, the artificial intelligence developed by TEHTRIS, to pre-process alerts, and on a new feature allowing to automatically open tickets. The development of this technology, which won the “Grand Défi cybersécurité” initiative’s votes, further contributes to the power of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

Diplôme - TEHTRIS Lauréat du Grand Défi Cybersécurité
TEHTRIS, winner of the Grand Cybersecurity Challenge

Up to 60% of time saved per analysis ticket thanks to artificial intelligence

The CYBERIA artificial intelligence, available in TEHTRIS products, offers an undeniable advantage: time saving. It is indeed thanks to AI that more controls can be hyperautomated. It is also AI that eliminates false positives, as it is able to automatically determine, without any human intervention, what is normal and what is not. In doing so, it is a great help for SOC analysts and, more broadly, for security teams, who save a considerable amount of time (up to 60%) when processing a ticket. The convenience for them is obvious!

Another advantage: via Deep Learning, CYBERIA automates the management and creation of level-1 tickets, based on the usual behaviors of SOC operators, thanks to an advanced behavioral analysis. This allows customization according to each user, as well as a high level of proactivity, which is the keystone of protection against attacks. The reactivity reaches an unprecedented level thanks to CYBERIA, which prioritizes alerts, helps visualize the urgency level of threats and enriches the tickets with explanations for SOC analysts.

These advantages, offered by the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, reshuffle the deck for defenders: relieved of a time-consuming part and guided in prioritization by the technology, they can confidently focus on high value-added tasks.

The “Grand Défi cybersécurité” initiative: a boost for technological projects

By choosing the “SOC in the box 2.0” project, the “Grand Défi cybersécurité” initiative provides TEHTRIS with funding that will complete the necessary investments in material and human resources to manage the CYBERIA project. Thanks to this, our company is one year ahead of the construction of the project, which allows us to foresee a commercialization as early as 2022. This technological acceleration, made possible by the French call for projects, will further enrich the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, providing 360° visibility and a surgical level of precision to MSSPs in alert management, to detect and block attacks and unusual behavior ever faster.

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