TURLA – MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations: Enterprise

For the first time, TEHTRIS participated in the 2023 MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® Evaluations: Enterprise. Using TEHTRIS XDR and EDR Optimus, we successfully demonstrated our robust threat detection capabilities at critical points in the cyberattack kill chain, which, combined with the remediation capabilities of the EDR and SOAR modules, would have immediately neutralized threats without the […]

How does AI enhance XDR platforms?

A malware powered by Artificial Intelligence is now capable to adapt itself to the targeted infrastructure, by modifying its code and behavior during the attack. And no human intervention is needed to make these changes. AI is profoundly changing cyberattacks. Malware, bots, phishing, ransomware… all types of threats can now be amplified by AI, enabling […]

Use case: USB flash drive attack

In an Industrial Control System environment, let’s imagine the standard maintenance procedure in which files need to be transferred inside an industrial site. For security reasons, automated systems are not connected to the internet to avoid security risks. And some maintenance operations need to be done by external contractors, who may not have access to […]

XDR Use case: MTD & SOAR vs Hook RAT

Why do you need MTD protection ? There is no need to state that the extensive use of mobile phones considerably broadens the attack surface for ill-intentioned actors. However, it is important to keep in mind that professional mobile phones are exposed to greater risks, in particular because they tend to be misused for personal […]

XDR USE CASE: shall we play a game?

In November 2022, a Linux server located in Poland (Europe) was exposed on the Internet. As it was holding sensitive information, this server was of interest to a group of cyberattackers. We assess this group wanted to access the server to exfiltrate data. For the purpose of gathering intelligence on cyber-espionage campaign targeting the organization, […]

LockBit ransomware: Double extorsion attack & protection by TEHTRIS’ XDR Platform

LockBit ransomware group is a malicious actor exceptionally active in the threat landscape. They were the most active group in 2022, in terms of claimed victims. LockBit relies on double extorsion to give more weight to their threat: on the one hand, encrypting the company’s data, and on the other hand, publishing the data online […]

XDR vs EDR : understanding the differences and their advantages

We hear about these new technologies every day, but are we really aware of their differences and complementarities? In short, what are we talking about? The strenghts and benefits of an EDR XDR: “to infinity and beyond”! Why choose TEHTRIS solutions? Huge capacities for complete protection. Interest of the XDR technology The strengths and benefits […]

Interoperability and hyperautomation, two of the strengths of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, the needs expressed by companies are changing. Chief Information Security Officers must constantly adjust their demands. Risk is now the main topic. Adaptation to this paradigm shift is thus necessary. The diversity of techniques and technologies, along with the level of proactivity required, can greatly complicate the work. […]

What is an Open XDR Platform?

Open XDR scheme, with incoming and outgoing apis

While XDR (eXtended Detection & Response) technology has become the benchmark in the cyber defense arsenal of companies and administrations, the term Open XDR also seems to be the future of these platforms. Marketing promise or revolution in the Cyber ecosystem? Let’s find out what OPEN XDR means, these platforms open to products from multiple […]

Cyber or not cyber ?

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