CTI: The 4 challenges of security

Cybersecurity threats are evolving. CISOs and CIOs are faced with new threats that require an appropriate strategy to provide resilience to defenders. This is how the CTI (or threat intelligence) services came into being and started to play their role in organisations with the objective of “collecting and organising all information related to threats in […]

TEHTRIS XDR Use: exploit the full potential of its Cyber Threat Intelligence

To know the threat for better adjusting defense: that is the wish of every cybersecurity analyst! Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is considered to be the supreme discipline that aggregates, correlates and analyzes all data on cyber threats, from several sources, from a technical, tactical and operational point of view. At TEHTRIS, CTI is both a […]

Buer Loader Analysis, a Rusted malware program

Malware analysis is part of the CTI team’s daily routine. This article presents the analysis of a Rust strain of Buer Loader from the reception of the samples to the writing of a stage2* extraction script. Despite several protection mechanisms, it was possible to extract all the samples in different ways. TEHTRIS provides the code […]

TEHTRIS releases new open source shellcode extraction tool

The use of packing, shellcode execution and in-memory Dynamic Loaded Library (DLL) loading is very common in the malware scene. This can be quite tedious to extract the real payload by sole static analysis techniques. A dynamic approach can help the reverser to find a near generic method to de- obfuscate stages n+1. This is […]