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TEHTRIS unveils the first eight partners of ECOSYSTEM, its marketplace dedicated to cyber security

Paris, September 7, 2021TEHTRIS, the world leader in automated, human-free cyber threat neutralization, today announced the first eight technology partners of its ECOSYSTEM marketplace. Much more than a marketplace, it is a network of trusted partners highlighting the interconnection and interoperability of solutions that, when federated, offer its customers a 360° freedom of security for an easier and centralized management of their IT assets.


Protecting a company from various cyber security attacks requires to choose technological solutions adapted to the needs and constraints of its system. Faced with their desire to reach a more complete and customizable level of security, TEHTRIS facilitates with ECOSYSTEM the discovery of innovative and efficient solutions.

To increase the user experience and reduce the time to detect and react to attacks, security teams will now be able to view in one place all the alerts raised by the different solutions they have subscribed to, through the TEHTRIS Open XDR Platform and thanks to the API connection.

On the occasion of the International Cybersecurity Forum, whose main theme is “For cooperative and collaborative cybersecurity”, TEHTRIS highlights the necessary and prolific federation of companies and unveils the partners that have already joined the ECOSYSTEM.

Dust Mobile, the first partner announced in July, has been joined within TEHTRIS ECOSYSTEM by French VPN The Green Bow, email security solution Proofpoint, data leak detection specialist Cybelangel, Cyber-Detect and its binary analysis capability, the diagnostic tool offered by COMAE as well as eShard‘s mobile security solution, and finally CELTEAM, a forensics company.

ECOSYSTEM and the referenced partners extend the functionalities of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform and its perimeter of coverage to increase the detection and investigation capabilities of the teams and intend to be a real guarantee of trust. TEHTRIS ECOSYSTEM’s ambition is to bring together complementary solutions within a catalog to collectively address the market’s concerns about the evolution and sophistication of the cyber threat landscape. Through TEHTRIS, customers can test, discover, and subscribe to new solutions.

“Developed with the principle of “Security and Ethics by design”, open and compatible, through its modules, the TEHTRIS XDR Platform thus takes a new step to always increase the service to its customers… With the partners gathered in the framework of ECOSYSTEM, we bring more trust and cybersecurity to companies. We are also creating a community of complementary cybersecurity trust players, capable of responding to all challenges and innovating together.” Laurent Oudot and Éléna Poincet

Founded in 2010, TEHTRIS is a world leader in the automatic and human-less neutralization of cyber-attacks with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform. With its “Security & Ethics by design” engineering, this solution provides cybersecurity specialists with a holistic view of their infrastructure, while guaranteeing the confidentiality of their data. OPEN XDR, it is compatible with the security solutions of the market through its APIs. Thanks to its technology, TEHTRIS is positioned as a European trusted third party. With its international partners, TEHTRIS XDR Platform monitors, analyzes, detects, and neutralizes threats in more than 100 countries for the benefit of major players in industry, transportation, engineering and services, and administrations. By constantly monitoring cybercrime and listening to its customers, our goal is to reduce the risks as much as possible, to face the unpredictable.

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