The TEHTRIS GRC team is made up of experts such as ex CISOs from national and international groups in the industry, mass distribution, transport, finance, public sector and banking sectors.

Their fields of expertise are complemented by a real understanding of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, as the consultants within the GRC Advisory team were themselves involved in complex cybersecurity projects and situations during their past experiences, which is very useful to support clients on strategic aspects.


Risk management



The TEHTRIS GRC team helps you set up your information security governance at the heart of your business, by defining strategic, tactical and operational axes and helping with risk management and compliance using internal or external standards.

Our GRC service is organized around an adaptation of frameworks like the one developed by the American agency NIST, specialized in the fields of commerce and technology. GRC consultants provide assistance to the project owner according to four axes:

  • Cybersecurity and compliance governance
  • Protection of systems implementing TEHTRIS XDR Platform
  • Detection of malicious acts through platform
  • Incident response

By using the GRC service, you will benefit from a complete support, from design to security operations on your information systems.