TEHTRIS services

Because we think technology will not be the only answer to all cybersecurity issues, we have considered as a priority not to be isolated in the world of publishers, and to have a full service offering capacity, around or beyond products, depending on the needs.
Tools and people are thus intrinsically linked, with eGambit as a technological solution, benefiting from a cutting-edge service offer, the two activities being internally linked to TEHTRIS.
It is on this basis that we have been able to achieve real success in complex, heterogeneous, distributed and highly sensitive infrastructures. We thus offer the possibility of choosing a product but also of choosing a team, thus giving an overall coherence, from the capture of technical events in a tool (SIEM, EDR, etc.) to its explanation to the management authorities, possibly, through all organizational layers.
How to succeed in cybersecurity projects by linking operational and strategic aspects? This is our mission and our daily will.

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Analysis of needs, technical and strategic responses, on the basis of healthy and reliable scientific confidence....

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Efficiency in the management of threats, intrusions, vulnerabilities....

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Flexibility and agility with consideration of our clients' strategic and tactical context....