XDR/DNS Firewall

Protect your DNS traffic

Why TEHTRIS DNS Firewall?​

Detects attacks using DNS resolutions

Protect your users and your company with XDR/ DNS Firewall. Phishing, malware, command & control, crypto miner, DGA… Our DNS Firewall detects all types of attacks exploiting DNS resolutions.

Blocks all responses to malicious DNS requests

Potentially malicious DNS resolutions are automatically blocked before they can infiltrate your network. By preventing access to dangerous sites all devices in your park are protected.

Part of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform

As a module of our XDR Platform, XDR/ DNS Firewall gives you access to all its augmented technology. Our SOAR, our knowledge base, and our artificial intelligence CYERIA help to protect your DNS traffic.

XDR/ DNS Firewall monitors your DNS traffic continuously to detect and block threats in real time. Suitable for all types of infrastructure, our DNS Firewall protects even your sensitive environments (IoT & BYOD compliance).

Phishing, malware, command & control, crypto miner… XDR/ DNS Firewall protects your users and your company from the most severe attacks. Thanks to its Machine Learning, and in particular its Deep Learning, XDR/ DNS Firewall systematically analyzes all DNS requests. Our artificial intelligence CYBERIA enables the detection of domains coming from domain name generation algorithms (DGA). To ensure full security of your DNS traffic, XDR/ DNS Firewall also blocks access to newly created domains that are a source of threats that are generally forgotten.

DNS FIREWALL, un ordinateur avec un bouclier et des chiffres binaires

To protect your users, XDR/ DNS Firewall filters malicious traffic in real-time by supervising DNS queries & controlling the resolution of all domain names.

The filtering of DNS requests is complemented by the analyses of our AI XDR/ CYBERIA and our threat knowledge base. When CYBERIA detects an anomaly or when a match with our database is established, the DNS request is automatically blocked, or an alert raised.

Adapt the response to potentially harmful DNS requests to the needs of your company: the control lists of XDR/ DNS Firewall are configurable to ensure monitoring in accordance with your security policy.

Access to the TEHTRIS XDR Platform
and to our augmented technology

The information about every anomaly detected and blocked by TEHTRIS DNS Firewall is automatically sent to the TEHTRIS XDR Platform. Forensic investigations can be enhanced and refined thanks to the Raw Data section which gathers all logs. Our XDR Platform gives you a global view of the security of your fleet, thanks to a single console.

As a module of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, our DNS Firewall also gives you access to all the augmented TEHTRIS technology:

  • Create your own playbooks (in No Code Automation) with our SOAR to make your solutions interact (even partner solutions such as Zscaler, Proofpoint, etc.) and hyperautomate your cybersecurity.
  • Identify suspicious activities in real time, such as phishing attempts, using the threat knowledge base built into TEHTRIS DNS Firewall.
  • Detect known and unknown threats with the Deep Learning neural networks of our artificial intelligence CYBERIA.

Certified and recognized by
many actors of the cyber world

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MITRE ATT&CK compliance

MITRE ATT&CK is a knowledge base with a model of the behavior of a cyber attacker, reflecting the different phases of the attack life cycle according to the targeted platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile, etc.

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