Open XDR

Definition: Open XDR

The Open XDR concept is an evolution of the XDR (eXtended Detection & Response) platform by enabling the direct linkage to developed and marketed cybersecurity solutions from different vendors.

Until now, the choice of an editor to implement a cybersecurity solution committed you in a certain way to go back to this one each time your needs changed. With Open XDR, you have the choice.

For example, with an Open XDR, you can very well use a solution from an editor specialized in email protection and also turn to another one for the protection of your employees’ smartphones. It is simple, your choices guide your security and you can take only what you consider to be the best for your structure.

Learn more about TEHTRIS Open XDR

The TEHTRIS XDR Platform is one of the world’s first Open XDR. According to TEHTRIS’ “Security and Ethics by Design” principle, it takes automatic threat detection and remediation to a new level. With TEHTRIS ECOSYSTEM and its many partners around it, the TEHTRIS XDR Platform is certainly the best solution today against modern and future threats to your business and expertise.