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TEHTRIS unveils the first eight partners of ECOSYSTEM, its marketplace dedicated to cyber security

September 7, 2021

TEHTRIS, the world leader in automated, human-free cyber threat neutralization, today announced the first eight technology partners of its ECOSYSTEM marketplace. Much more than a marketplace, it is a network of trusted partners highlighting the interconnection and interoperability of solutions that, when federated, offer its customers a 360° freedom of security for an easier and centralized management of their IT asset […]

TEHTRIS and DUST MOBILE announce a technology partnership and combine their solutions to secure end-to-end mobile communications

July 29, 2021
In the face of growing espionage threats, TEHTRIS and DUST MOBILE are joining forces to increase mobile security with a new and unique offering. The two French players offer protection for phones, their systems and all communications for all exposed persons.

Remotely remove doubts on your iPhone/iPad equipment

July 28, 2021

In the wake of the Pegasus affair, and other worrying threats that are less publicized in the press for the moment, TEHTRIS is making available to its customers a new SaaS-type service to quickly clear suspicions on mobile fleets.

In particular, this service allows to launch a DFIR (Digital Forensic & Investigation Response) operation on iOS (iPhone) and iPadOS (iPad tablets) devices.

TEHTRIS joins the Cyber Threat Alliance

January 11, 2021

TEHTRIS joins the Cyber Threat Alliance, a non-profit association that aims to improve the cybersecurity of our global digital ecosystem by enabling near-real-time, high-quality information sharing on cyber threats between companies and organizations in the cybersecurity field.

We are proud to join the Cyber Threat Alliance and to be the first French company to do so, a sign of recognition of our capabilities.

For TEHTRIS, the objectives of joining this association are to exchange and share information on global threats in real time, to feed and enrich our CTI, to develop more effective defensive actions against malicious actors, and to contribute to and grow the international cyber community.

Levée de fonds 20 millions d'euros TEHTRIS

20 M€ record-breaking series A for TEHTRIS led by Ace Management to support its european expansion and fight against cyber-attacks

November 12, 2020

TEHTRIS, a French cybersecurity solutions provider and European technology leader in the fight against cyber espionage and cyber sabotage, has announced its first round of financing of €20 million from Ace Management, the leading European private equity firm in digital security, along with Open CNP, the CNP Assurances corporate venture fund, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Co-Investissement (NACO) and business angels.

TEHTRIS develops and markets an XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) platform capable of detecting and neutralizing in real time and in an automated manner known and unknown digital threats in corporate infrastructures.

In the media

CyberSecuritynews [ES] - Entrevista a Paul Enault, Cybersecurity Business Developer en TEHTRIS

Tenemos el placer de entrevistar a Paul Enault, Cybersecurity Business Developer Southern Europe en TEHTRIS para conocer las labores de su empresa y su visión de la ciberseguridad. [...]

September 30, 2021
Le Figaro - Tehtris, a French cybersecurity scale-up

Created by two former DGSE employees, this young company is accelerating its expansion by signing an agreement with the American heavyweight Proofpoint to fight against the main vector of computer attacks. [...]

8 September, 2021
L'Usine Digitale - Tehtris and Proofpoint join forces to fight phishing

On the eve of the launch of the International Cybersecurity Forum (ICF), scale-up Tehtris and giant Proofpoint have announced an agreement to fight phishing attacks, which are exploding. By combining their solutions, the partners hope to offer the most comprehensive solution to CISOs through early and automated detection of fraudulent emails. [...]

September 6, 2021
Le Point - Ex-spy, now tackling web ransomware

INTERVIEW. Éléna Poincet is the co-creator of Tehtris, a promising cybersecurity company in Bordeaux. "Our business is a struggle," she says. [...]

29 July, 2021
Global Security Mag - TEHTRIS and DUST MOBILE announce technology partnership to secure end-to-end mobile communications

In the face of growing espionage threats, TEHTRIS and DUST MOBILE are joining forces to increase mobile security with a new and unique offer. The two French players offer protection for phones, their systems and all communications for all those exposed. [...]

July 21, 2021
Les Numériques - Tehtris, the French scale-up that can spot smartphones spied on by Pegasus

Invisible to the user of a targeted smartphone, Pegasus, the spying tool of the Israeli company NSO Group, nevertheless leaves traces on the terminals. The French company Tehtris is one of those able to identify them. [...]

21 July, 2021
L'Usine Nouvelle - Company directors, Comex members... how to know if you have been targeted by Pegasus

The Pegasus spyware, from the Israeli company NSO, has potentially targeted a thousand phone numbers in France. Those of Emmanuel Macron and fifteen French ministers are on the list. While business leaders may be affected, here are two solutions to check if one's mobile has been spied on: the application from French start-up Tehtris and the analysis kit published by Amnesty International. [...]

July 21, 2021
LCI - Tehtris, the French solution against Pegasus computer attacks

SURVEILLANCE - There are solutions to the problem of phone hacking of the Pegasus software. And one of them is French: the startup Tehtris has developed a tool to detect this kind of attack that does not say its name. [...]

21 July, 2021
Challenges - Tehtris, the French weapon against Pegasus spyware

The Israeli spyware Pegasus, which has infected the smartphones of journalists and activists around the world, is very difficult to detect. French cyber nugget Tehtris is one of the few players who know how to ferret out the malware. [...]

July 20, 2021
Security Information #18: XDR, major maneuvers at a steady pace

Bringing together multiple enterprise defense systems to better detect and block threats. This is not a new idea, but it is becoming a reality at an accelerated pace with the increasingly adopted XDR approach. That's what our Security Information Magazine #18 is all about.
Discover the interview of Laurent Oudot.

June 25, 2021
Elena Poincet, from DGSE to Tehtris

After twelve years in the army and fourteen in the DGSE, she set up, with Laurent Oudot, the software publisher Tehtris, which fights against computer malware. With nearly 100 employees, the company, which raised a record 20 million euros in Series A at the end of 2020, has just won a prize and signed a partnership with Cap Gemini. [...]

June 24, 2021
The Software Report - The Top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity of 2021

The Software Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity of 2021. In all industries, cybersecurity is of critical importance. The women that comprise this year’s list have not only stepped up to new challenges in addressing cyber risks and vulnerabilities, they have also implemented proactive strategies that will ensure ongoing resilience to cyberattacks for both their organizations and their clients.  Before co-founding TEHTRIS in 2010 with Laurent Oudot, Elena Poincet was an operational expert in the management and leadership of specialized teams for the Ministry of the Armed Forces in France. From this experience, Poincet has kept her leadership and action-oriented mindset, as well as the vocation to serve. She conducts the vision, strategy, and operations at TEHTRIS, focusing on the fight against cyberespionage and cybersabotage. [...]

April 19, 2021
BFM TV - Cybersecurity: the end of antivirus software?

The rapid digitalization of all business sectors and, more recently, the massive transition to telecommuting have led to an explosion of cyber attacks in recent months. To defend themselves, companies rely - at best - on an antivirus, a firewall, or even a VPN. This protection is often illusory, according to Laurent Oudot, co-founder and CTO of TEHTRIS, a French company specializing in cybersecurity that has just completed its first round of financing of 20 million euros. [...]

April 9, 2021
Placéco - Cybersecurity: La Nouvelle-Aquitaine wants to be at the forefront

Prevention rather than cure: the golden rule of security applies more than ever to the business world, faced with the unprecedented increase in the number of cyberattacks. "300,000 computer viruses arrive every day on the Net," said Elena Poincet, director of Tehtris, during a working meeting dedicated to cybersecurity organized at the Region. The recent paralysis of the hospitals of Dax and Oloron-Sainte-Marie following a ransomware attack (ransomware, a software that locks access to the data of the information system until the payment of a ransom) easily illustrates the seriousness of the threat. "We warned the Dax hospital six months ago, but nothing was done, which is a pity" adds Éléna Poincet.

March 15, 2021
TV7 L'Hebdo Éco - Cyberattack, how to face this plague?
Winston Delbey sur TV7 pour TEHTRIS

Winston Delbey, cybersecurity expert at TEHTRIS answers the question: "Cyberattacks: how to face this plague?" presented by Nicolas César [...].

February 23, 2021
Marie Le Pargneux sur B SMART pour TEHTRIS

View the interview of Marie Le Pargneux, Chief of Development at TEHTRIS, by Cécilia Severi in the LAB of B Smart.

February 17, 2021
RTL - Cyberattacks: "There are 5 groups that target the health sector", says an expert

Winston Delbey, manager at Tehtris, a specialist in cyberattack incident response, says small medical facilities are being targeted by "dark web" hackers. Hacking operations are becoming more prevalent, especially against businesses or institutions. "These are places that have complex information systems, given the multitude of information systems deployed" [...]

February 12, 2021
Le Monde Informatique - Interview with Elena Poincet (CEO of Tehtris) : IT 2020 Personality of Le Monde Informatique

Involved in cybersecurity with the creation of Tehtris in 2010, Eléna Poincet was named IT Personality 2020 by the readers of Le Monde Informatique. In 2012, she launched the development of an XDR platform based on a network of sensors to detect and respond automatically to IT security incidents. In November, the company raised €20M in funding, one of the largest Series A rounds in the cybersecurity segment.

January 4, 2021
French Tech Bordeaux - After raising 20 M€, which future for Tehtris?

The Gironde-based cybersecurity solutions provider Tehtris announced a few days ago that it had completed its first round of financing. This record-breaking 20 million euro Series A round has put the spotlight on the Pessac-based nugget. Media rush, 500 resumes received in a few days ... Co-founder of the company, co-CEO with Eléna Poincet and CTO, Laurent Oudot takes the time to review what awaits Tehtris in the coming months. [...]

November 24, 2020
BFM TV - Laurent Oudot (Tehtris): the French expert against cyberespionage raises 20 million euros
Laurent OUDOT sur BFM TV

This Monday, November 16, Laurent Oudot, co-founder of Tehtris, returned on his fundraising in the program Le Grand Journal de l'Éco presented by Hedwige Chevrillon.

November 16, 2020
Les Échos - Cybersecurity: Tehtris raises a record 20 million euros

The discreet Pessac-based company founded by former DGSE employees is one of the largest in the IT security world. Already present in major accounts around the world, the 60-person SME plans to recruit 300 people in three years. Is it the future French star of cybersecurity? In any case, Tehtris has set a record in Europe for this sector by raising 20 million euros. [...]

November 14, 2020
Challenges - Tehtris, the future first French cyber unicorn ?

The Bordeaux-based start-up has just raised €20 million from ACE Management, CNP and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. Founded by two former DGSE employees, it plans to create several hundred jobs over the next three years. Could France finally have its future cyber unicorn? Tehtris, a Bordeaux-based start-up founded by two former DGSE cyber experts, announced on Thursday 12 November that it had raised €20 million in funding. [...]

November 12, 2020
L'Usine Digitale - Tehtris raises 20 million euros to export its cyber incident detection and response platform

Tehtris offers an XDR infrastructure that combines several cybersecurity solutions within a single detection and incident response platform. The Bordeaux-based start-up has just raised €20 million to conquer new markets in France and abroad. [...]

November 12, 2020
Business Insider - TEHTRIS company won an AWARD at the RSA Conference in San Francisco

"While nation state exploitation, Cybercrime, Hacktivism, Cyberespionage, Ransomware and malware exploits are all on the rise, TEHTRIS has won the Breakout Endpoint Detection & Response InfoSec Award from Cyber Defense magazine. They won after we reviewed nearly 3,000 InfoSec companies, globally, because they are an innovator on a mission to help stop breaches and get one step ahead of these threats, proactively," said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher, Cyber Defense Magazine. [...]

March 7, 2019
Sud-Ouest - Cybersecurity: companies underestimate the threat

The Gironde-based expert Tehtris organised an event to raise awareness of the subject among company managers and students at the Enseirb-Matmeca engineering school in Talence (33) a few days ago [...]

December 19, 2018
Sud-Ouest - Cybersecurity: Bordeaux-based Tehtris enters the global top 10

"eGambit", the anti-hacking protection solution of this company created by two former DGSE agents, has been distinguished in the international ranking of the prestigious "Enterprise Security Magazine". In one year, the workforce has doubled. [...]

December 21, 2017
La Tribune - Bordeaux, how Tehtris tracks viruses and spies 4.0

The innovative method developed by Laurent Oudot, an engineer from Bordeaux, to protect computer networks is the basis of the eGambit software, which sounds the alarm when viruses or spyware try to infiltrate. eGambit recognises them by their behaviour[...]

April 21, 2016
BBC - Fighting back against web attacks

Hi-tech criminals are not very good at securing the tools they use to attack websites, suggests research. Security experts have found that many of the kits used by cyber criminals are riddled with bugs and vulnerabilities. [...]

June 18, 2010
The Register - Researcher shows how to strike back at web assailants

A security researcher has disclosed details on more than a dozen previously unknown vulnerabilities that people responding to web-based attacks can exploit to strike back at online assailants[...]

June 17, 2010

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