XDR SUCCESS USE CASE: blocking advanced cyber-attacks at an early stage

Thwarting the advanced cyberattacks faced by our customers is the daily work of TEHTRIS’ technology with our partners. Let’s dive into a concrete example in the industrial sector. Context Steps of detection and remediation by TEHTRIS’ tools Lessons learned Context In September 2022, TEHTRIS and its MSSP partner helped counter the first stage of an […]

XDR Success use case: DNS hijacking out

DNS hijacking is the practice of subverting the resolution of Domain Name System requests. The queries are manipulated to redirect users to malicious sites. Since each organization has its own website, and since every employee of an organization is using Internet, DNS hijacking is a significant threat you have to take into consideration when ensuring […]

XDR Success use case: Purple Fox KO

In October 2022, a TEHTRIS customer was protected from the threat known as Purple Fox thanks to the TEHTRIS XDR Platform and its TEHTRIS EDR and EPP modules. Let’s have a look at the ever-evolving exploit kit since its discovery four years ago and how TEHTRIS’ tools work against the threat. Get to know the […]