Cyber Threat in the Health Sector : Exploring Solutions

In the healthcare sector, cyber attacks are not limited to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurers, medical analysis firms, etc. All other institutions likely to hold sensitive information will be targeted by cybercriminals. Faced with this situation, many initiatives have been put in place. Summary What are the protection? A collaborative approach « TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves […]

Public services facing cyber attacks

Paralyzed communities, blocked administrations, threatened hospitals, these headlines are unfortunately in the news. Cyber attacks in the public sector have been endemic for the past few years, making it the ideal prey for cyber attackers. Digitization and the Covid-19 pandemic have played a key role in this. A government agency (or public administration) is responsible […]

The world of healthcare facing cyber attacks

The healthcare sector has been under multiple attacks lately. This vulnerability is due to an unprecedented modernization. This upheaval has to take into account the integration of digital technology, connected objects, the arrival of 5G, robotics, … Most of the time this integration has been done in haste, without any security approach. Cybercriminals have seen […]