Deux mains qui se touchent pour illustrer l'automatisation XDR


Can we dream of a fully automated XDR Platform? Yes, we can!

XDR platforms are our response to the increasing sophistication of the tools and tactics cyber attackers use, that render anti-virus programs and other traditional cybersecurity solutions helpless.

XDR makes a case for a more holistic cybersecurity approach that would work well in these times of crisis when cybersecurity isn’t just a digital threat. Cyber terrorists are continually looking for ways to exploit the COVID-19 situation and hack the rather lenient security arrangements of at-home workers.

Beside knowing how to safeguard your data with a remotely working force, organizations should also look at other ways in which their current security arrangements can be upgraded.

The risk of cybercrimes is expanding. And now is the time to realize and implement what security functions work best for your business.

What all XDR Platforms have in common?

If you are considering investing in your cybersecurity infrastructure through an XDR solution, here’s a quick wrap of the common and essential features in leading XDR platforms:

  • Improved visibility – eXtended Detection and Responses solutions usually offer comprehensive visibility into the entire organization’s security systems. XDR platforms propose one vision of all security alerts, prioritized for your security staff, along with guided investigation to achieve a complete understanding of any anomaly and its impact on the organization.
  • Data and analytics – New solutions expand the data avenues they consider, to include logs, platforms, and events to gain a 360-degree view of the organization and enable security experts to safeguard the increasing attack surfaces from ever-advancing threats.
  • Correlate events – A highly sophisticated XDR solution will be capable of correlating events and logging data from every data source, device, and platform in an agnostic manner to proactively detect threats and provide a complete analysis of the attack. Such an XDR platform will also allow you to utilize your existing security controls for spot-on, holistic detection.

There isn’t a hint of doubt that XDR platforms are the smartest cybersecurity solutions for you to invest in.

Deux mains qui se touchent pour illustrer l'automatisation XDR
Don’t dream of a fully automated cybersecurity platform, it exists

How do artificial intelligence and automation improve XDR?

Artificial intelligence can help remove and automate manual work from threat detection and response processes, significantly improving response time and effectiveness. While SOC teams need to be focused on their role as analysts, other teams, such as CISOs, have begun to explore autonomous and effective detection and response solutions.

As XDR expands the scope of threat detection to include server, email and cloud security, it is clear that humans alone cannot analyze the amount of data from these sources to effectively detect threats in time.

For such a broad scope, we undeniably need to automate the processes. Indeed, while humans are capable of correlating data and spotting anomalies, performing this task on such a large scale proves to be excessively complex and disproportionate.

“While humans are capable of correlating data and spotting anomalies, performing this task on such a large scale is proving to be exceedingly complex and disproportionate.”

How can automation play a significant role?

The use of artificial intelligence tools such as neural networks to run transformations and domain reductions in large datasets can come handy when organizations want to look at their data with a laser-sharp focus.

A neural network-powered expert security system or a full machine learning system trying to record all the things happening in an infrastructure, will also be able to tackle creative tasks such as tracing after file-less attacks that use existing endpoint software, identifying advanced persistent threats, and combating asymmetric cyber warfare.

Smart automation makes dealing with known as well as unknown issues possible. In threat hunting campaigns that use program-based detection methods, a lot of these unknown threats can go unidentified. By allowing search and investigation of large datasets, known and unknown threats can be identified on a day-to-day basis, helping SOC teams to keep up with newer cyber risks.

Through automation, correlating data becomes easier and analysts get immediate context to gauge the scope of an attack and drive quicker investigation and remediation.

In short, a fully automated XDR platform multiplies the cybersecurity capabilities in any XDR solution.

What makes TEHTRIS XDR Platform unique?

TEHTRIS XDR safeguards private and public companies against advanced cyber threats such as cyber espionage and cyber sabotage risks. TEHTRIS implemented security by design into the XDR platform.

Here are a few key features in TEHTRIS XDR:

Unified console

With complete visibility throughout the organization (no matter how big the infrastructure is, as TEHTRIS offers a full overview)

Cyber Threat Intelligence

You can uncover and resolve threats faster (no need to subscribe to another CTI feed as it’s already included with our product)

Security alerts database

No need to buy a complex SIEM, our XDR already has all the logs recorded for your analysts

Artificial intelligence and automation to enhance efficiency

As well as the speed of detection and remediation (no need to have a team of 100 to 1000 when a team of 1 to 10 can efficiently do the job)

Ticketing system

No need to buy yet another ticketing system, as ours is already cyber centric, with the spirit of ISO 27035, and reachable through secure means

Integrated SOAR

No need to buy another complex and expensive SOAR, to lose months for the integration, as we already propose you a platform where tools can communicate together to increase your cyber resiliency


No stress, now you can reclaim your cybersecurity, and follow or track down the hackers and malwares thanks to hunting tools

Compliance Audits

You also wanted to see the result of something like ten thousand of CVE vulnerabilities scanned by the TEHTRIS EDR fleet, you got it now

Instead of seeing EDR as different from XDR, we see the latter an advanced version of the former. Therefore, TEHTRIS XDR is underlined by TEHTRIS Deceptive Response, TEHTRIS NTA, TEHTRIS EDR, TEHTRIS EPP, TEHTRIS SIEM and TEHTRIS Mobile Security.

This way, TEHTRIS XDR makes for a holistic solution that contains all necessary functions for better cyber resilience.

TEHTRIS XDR solution’s design, research, and deployment were all carried out by the TEHTRIS team. Therefore, the platform is easily integrated with other cybersecurity solutions you might be currently working with. The modular platform is provided as a SaaS.

Therefore, customers are free to decide which security bricks they want as a part of their infrastructure right away as well as add and scale functions as they like.

Moreover, the TEHTRIS XDR solution is GDPR compliant. We ensure that all data and information you entrust our XDR solution with is protected.

How we help businesses respond to security events faster?

At TEHTRIS, we believe in a holistic approach to cybersecurity. This is because when cybersecurity is fragmented, threats can go unnoticed and spring up after weeks/months/years when the attacker gains more power and control within a system.

TEHTRIS XDR platform boasts of integrated SOAR technology. Security Orchestration Automation and Response is a function that optimizes the efficiency and capability of security operations, freeing human resources from repetitive, low-value jobs.

SOAR allows organizations to collect and sift through large volumes of data pertaining to security and alerts from a wide variety of sources.

How SOAR improves the cybersecurity environment in an organization:

  • SOAR helps SOCs become intelligence and data-driven by aggregating and validating data from many sources to contextualize incidents and help make informed decisions.
  • SOAR improves operational efficiency through the automation of mundane security operations so that security workers work smarter rather than harder.
  • SOAR also helps enhance incident response by automating procedures, also known as playbooks.

TEHTRIS XDR comes integrated with SOAR along with several playbooks already a part of the solution. SOAR helps organizations respond faster, and TEHTRIS XDR expands the purview of cybersecurity.

Learn more about effective cybersecurity with TEHTRIS.