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Transport (stations, airports, etc.) concentrates more and more people but also technologies in order to constantly optimize boarding and disembarkation procedures. These concentration points are critical for the regions that host them.

They are privileged targets, exposed to many advanced threats (terrorism, espionage, sabotage, diplomatic pressure…). As the availability of transport is critical, the associated IT systems must have security measures in place to prevent any accidental or malicious interruption.

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Types of threats

TEHTRIS protects the transportation sector

With its wide range of coverage and its ease of deployment and exploitation, the TEHTRIS XDR Platform offers a real capacity to protect the various technological means used in transport, whether in a standard office environment or in a more specific environment such as airport applications.

The TEHTRIS XDR Platform, through its SIEM functions, also provides a log audit and review capability, which is particularly useful to ensure the integrity of access in sensitive areas (access restricted areas, airside…).

The EDR’s remediation capabilities provide real-time protection against the execution of targeted and non-targeted threats. They therefore make it possible to stop threats before they have had the slightest impact on the information system. In addition, the very low use of local resources induced by our cyber arsenal allows deployment in a constrained environment on specific systems (industrial applications, PLC security, protection of an environment disconnected or with a degraded connection…).

In addition, TEHTRIS’ SOC service provides an expert view of events that occur on monitored information systems.

Cyber or not cyber ?

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