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Public administrations


Over the past few years, public administrations have fully entered the digital world through the development of electronic services, chatbots, online tax returns, paperless fine-payments, etc. Gradually, public services are becoming dematerialized to provide more appropriate services for the modern world.

People want to have access to services as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Above all, this transformation, which is driven by a desire to optimize services and reduce the costs, is fundamentally changing the relationship between the Administration and its citizens, but more importantly, creating new risks.

Pictogramme : Administration publique

Types of threats

TEHTRIS protects public administrations

To meet these needs for high security and efficiency, TEHTRIS has built an offer adapted to the public sector.

By being deployed within administrations, our TEHTRIS XDR Platform products provide a real layer of security that will fight against generic attacks, such as ransomware, intrusions, known and unknown viruses, but also against more advanced attacks aimed at spying, sabotaging or massively stealing people’s data.

Our platform is adapted to standard operating systems on the market, it is easily deployable and does not require any expertise for its operation. It will therefore be able to adapt without restriction to almost any system.

The implementation of the various modules provides a 360° view of the monitored system. Risky activities are thus equipped with real detection capabilities, intrusion attempts are pointed out as soon as possible, even before these attacks have had the slightest impact.

Cyber or not cyber ?

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