IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) have remained disconnected or poorly connected for decades. Like consumerization in the corporate IT world, the rise of digitalization has brought many technical components from IT to industrial information systems, bringing many vulnerabilities, risks but also tangible competitive advantages such as faster production rates, improved traceability and real-time quality management….

This shift requires IT/OT managers to improve their level of collaboration, control these interconnections, protect themselves against new threats and thus modify the working methods in place in the company. IT/OT convergence is in progress with the arrival of Industry 4.0 concepts, for which the need of cybersecurity will be crucial.

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Types of threats

A company can receive an e-mail with a malicious attachment that is opened by employees. A file is executed and the third-party entity can access and capture the company’s data. Their sensitive information is stolen and the competing company gains years of R&D. The company is stuck in its production, loses its market share and its turnover falls.

A company receives a malicious file containing a ransomware program such as Petya, Bad Rabbit or WannaCry. Mail spoofs are sent to the financial department or internal communication department. Employees open the file and the execution of the program encrypts computer data. The company suffers heavy consequences, computer data is unreadable, production is stopped for several weeks and results in a significant loss of turnover.

A subcontractor connects an infected USB key in a company’s facility, causing a breakdown of the product line, resulting in a quality change in the industrial process or a material failure. This intrusion causes several weeks of production shutdown, a penalty payment to customers because delivery times are not respected, a loss of markets and a consequent drop in in the company’s turnover.

TEHTRIS protect the industry sector

The TEHTRIS XDR Platform protects the entire industrial chain (Windows XP, etc.). With our products, an attacker can be detected and stopped before data extraction and modification of production PLCs begins. This means detecting the new binary before it is executed in the case of a known threat or as soon as it is executed in the case of an unknown threat and stopping it at its first symptoms. This is the same mechanism as the Smart Sensors of the OT world with an automatic decision-making process to hold production despite a cybersecurity incident.

The TEHTRIS XDR Platform facilitates the exchange of information between IT/OT actors and offers a unique, consolidated and available solution that allows you to know, protect, detect and react against threats to information systems.