TEHTRIS experts are providing the ability to assist TEHTRIS XDR Platform customers in incident management (MSSP TEHTRIS XDR Platform, Service). They cover the following tasks:

  • Investigating whether an incident really occurred
  • Determining the extent of the incident.
  • Determining the initial cause of the incident (vulnerability exploited)
  • Facilitating contact with other sites which may be involved
  • Facilitating contact with appropriate law enforcement officials, if necessary
  • Making reports to other CSIRTs
  • Composing announcements to users, if applicable
  • Providing action plan to remove the vulnerability and supporting local administrators to perform the action plan
  • Providing action plan and support to help securing the system from the effects of the incident
  • Evaluating whether certain actions are likely to reap results in proportion to their cost and risk
  • Providing an action plan and support to collect any evidence after the fact in order to be used in criminal prosecution or any disciplinary action


Short name: CERT-TEHTRIS

Long name: CERT TEHTRI-Security

Address: 13-15 rue Taitbout, 75009, PARIS, FRANCE

Phone: +33 (0) 9-72-50-80-33 [ input are filtered, but messages are monitored ]

Mail : moc.sirthet@trec

ID: 19C7 677A AB9A 85E6

Fingerprint: A1F2 9BA1 2811 4E68 043C 07C5 19C7 677A AB9A 85E6

Official RFC2350 TEHTRIS-CSIRT document