The world’s first and only ZTNA natively offering automatic incident response options. 

Zero Trust Response

Traditional models of security are generally built according to an architecture that we could compare to a castle surrounded by moats, where a distinction is made between the interior of trust and the exterior of which we must be wary.

However, these models are no longer adequate to deal with today’s cybersecurity problems. Not only can attackers manage to infiltrate this internal zone of trust and cause significant damage, but the border between the “outside” and “inside” is becoming less and less relevant to describe information systems. For example, with the rapid acceleration towards the Cloud, there has been a real shift in resources on the Internet causing a fairly large area of exposure.

We are thus witnessing a period of transition: from a binary digital world, with a distinction between the inside and the outside, to a much more complex world, sometimes called “borderless,” where threats are protean and attackers are everywhere.

This is why today, the same level of trust can no longer be attributed to all the active resources of an enterprise: a more modern model is needed, notably with “Zero Trust,” in which new solutions have appeared: ZTNAs (Zero Trust Network Access).

ZTNA have experienced a real boom in 2020, with the global pandemic and the resulting increase in technical resources, such as remote work, BYOPC/BYOD, etc.

TEHTRIS ZTR, or “Zero Trust Response,” is the first and only ZTNA offered worldwide that comes with automatic incident response options and highly advanced low-level detection, without the need to add plenty of extra tools that would increase costs and cause a substantial loss of time.

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TEHTRIS goes further than other solutions. In the absence of human operators, active defense systems can be configured to respond to an attack, even unknown, autonomously 24/7, following predetermined criteria and policies, from alert lifting to immediate and automatic neutralization.


TEHTRIS ZTR takes into account, as a priority, the numerous attacks that continue to happen, with increasingly stealthy and sophisticated aggressions, always giving priority to ground efficiency.


As a trademark of TEHTRIS, we also work with our customers and partners in Open Innovation-oriented processes, where we are learning from technical and organizational feedback, in order to always provide the best possible service.


TEHTRIS ZTR integrates a network monitoring probe, natively integrated to the TEHTRIS XDR Platform with tools for SOAR, CTI, Hunting, Compliance, Incident Management, etc.



TEHTRIS ZTR offers unique features for monitoring network flows, combat phishing, backdoors and espionage, with a Network Forensic-type component integrating a behavioral tactical engine and automatic response capabilities in the event of an incident.


TEHTRIS ZTR drastically simplifies the complexity of network monitoring projects, in an operational mode, with TEHTRIS ensuring deployment and maintenance in operational condition.


Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

When it comes to  cybersecurity, the ability to orchestrate a quick and efficient response to cyber events is a fundamental issue. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use particularly powerful automation and artificial intelligence. This is what TEHTRIS offers you with its SOAR integrated to the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

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