TEHTRIS EPP detects and protects operating systems against known threats through advanced antivirus analysis and protection features.

Endpoint Protection Platform

TEHTRIS EPP is a standalone security agent for workstations and servers, whose mission is to protect companies against today’s threats. The threat knowledge base integrated into its antivirus engine is automatically and regularly updated to optimize the security of your systems against a large number of viruses worldwide.

Advanced features complement local antivirus protection by fighting against vulnerability exploits. TEHTRIS EPP fights targeted intrusions that remotely exploit vulnerabilities in web browsers, office software applications such as PDF readers, and more. TEHTRIS EPP can be installed on all types of recent Windows devices.

Latest Updates

why tehtris EPP?


TEHTRIS EPP detects malware with its regularly updated signatures.


TEHTRIS EPP detects advanced and unknown attacks in real time, with suspicious markers such as process migration or in-memory executions.


TEHTRIS EPP can protect software against the exploitation of unpatched or unknown vulnerabilities (buffer overflow, ROP…).


TEHTRIS EPP analyzes outbound network connections with anti-phishing and HTTP traffic engine.


TEHTRIS EPP provides a set of predefined rules that protect against common attack scenarios, with the ability to set your own custom rules


TEHTRIS EPP and TEHTRIS EDR can be combined to shorten incident response time through the unified console of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.


Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

When it comes to  cybersecurity, the ability to orchestrate a quick and efficient response to cyber events is a fundamental issue. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use particularly powerful automation and artificial intelligence. This is what TEHTRIS offers you with its SOAR integrated to the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

Discover our way to create hyper automation!

Supported platforms

Here is the lcurrent list of supported operating systems.Changes may occur in the future.


Operating System 32bits 64bits
Windows Server 2008 R2 Compatible Compatible
Windows Server 2012 Compatible
Windows Server 2012 R2 Compatible
Windows Server 2016 Compatible
Windows Server 2019 Compatible
Windows 7 Compatible Compatible
Windows 8 Compatible Compatible
Windows 8.1 Compatible Compatible
Windows 10 Compatible Compatible
Windows Embedded Untested, contact us if required Untested, contact us if required
Mac OS Roadmap / Stay tuned Roadmap / Stay tuned
Linux Roadmap / Stay tuned Roadmap / Stay tuned


MITRE ATT&CK is a knowledge base with a modeling of the behavior of a cyberattacker, illustrating all phases of a cyberattack’s life cycle in relation to targeted platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, mobile devices and so on.

Find out how TEHTRIS is compliant with MITRE ATT&CK

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999 day

to deploy

0 hours

time between each threat database update

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threats available from the EPP console through TEHTRIS CTI