Endpoint Detection & Response

Automatically detect and neutralize known and unknown threats in real time.

The hyper-automated European EDR, in production since 2013

Autonomous remediation & neutralization capability, no human interaction required

TEHTRIS recognized as a Representative Vendor in the 2021 Market Guide for Extended Detection and Response*

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Increased detection & neutralization of attacks in real time: an automated response with 0 click.

TEHTRIS EDR is one of the pioneers and creators of the EDR wave of the future, the one that aims to be able to install thousands of EDR agents in less than 24 hours, the one that is able to detect stealthy espionage operations without any weapon and without any malware, the one that knows the techniques used by hackers and builds responses in advance… TEHTRIS EDR is a solution provided in SaaS mode, via the cloud, with a willingness to anticipate, prevent, detect, and react at the cybersecurity level.

Our EDR has been in production worldwide since 2013.

Why choose TEHTRIS EDR ?

TEHTRIS EDR includes multiple detection engines capable of detecting the latest and most dangerous advanced threats.

In Machine Learning or Deep Learning mode, low-level monitoring provides knowledge of normal behaviors to better distinguish attackers, their tools and methods, providing a strong competitive advantage against traditional or stealth attackers.

TEHTRIS goes further than other solutions, since in the absence of human operators, active defense systems can be configured to respond autonomously 24/7 to even an unknown attack, following predetermined criteria and policies, from raising the alarm to immediate and automatic neutralization.

TEHTRIS EDR offers Automatic Kill and Last Click Termination for real-time remediation without human action.

Direct sanctions are imposed on all attackers, who must take the risk of losing their tools and having their offensive methods stolen, which will then be recognized worldwide.

TEHTRIS EDR takes into account the numerous attacks that continue to arrive, with ever more stealthy and sophisticated aggressions, making field efficiency the priority each time.

As a trademark of TEHTRIS, we also work with our customers and partners in Open Innovation processes, where we are enriched by technical and organizational feedback, to always provide the best possible service.

In 2013, TEHTRIS invented a cybersecurity engine called “DAS”, referring to more than 15 years of research on active digital security, giving birth to a disruptive HIPS-like agent, an Endpoint Detection and Response long before the arrival of these products and their official names on the market.

TEHTRIS EDR uses only 1-3% CPU, 90 MB RAM and 50 MB disk space. The information sent to the XDR is about 10 MB/day.

TEHTRIS EDR is developed and hosted in France and in Europe, designed natively by our TEHTRIS developers (with no overlay of pre-existing software layers).

Ethically thought from its conception without backdoors, we guarantee the inviolability of the content of the protected files that we do not access.

Your protection optimized by nature, Security & Ethics by design.

Unique functionality to inspect known vulnerabilities in your estate to reduce the exposure surface and support compliance policy.9000 rules included in the engine.

Detection of unprotected park elements.

Over 20,000 deployable EDRs in less than 24 hours. Choose the deployment that’s right for you: SaaS, On-Premise or Hybrid.

Embedded with TEHTRIS SOAR
(Security Orchestration And Response)

When it comes to cybersecurity, orchestrating events and reacting to threats effectively and quickly is a fundamental challenge. One of the best ways to do this is with powerful automation and artificial intelligence. This is what TEHTRIS offers with its SOAR integrated with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

Illustration processeur pour SOAR

The essential solution for your cybersecurity

For about thirty years, security was limited to a few elementary, relatively simple but effective ways to fight against the whole lot. Symbolically, we remember the summer of 2003 with the MSBlast worm that contaminated millions of Microsoft operating systems. Three security habits were then adopted under Windows: update your system, have a firewall, and use an antivirus.

This model became the dominant design of cybersecurity: a firewall and some tools for the periphery, an antivirus and some options inside. The Internet has thus become populated with so-called “crunchy” networks, i.e. “hard” on the shell (perimeter security) and “soft” on the inside, not to mention the interconnection of all systems: telephones, connected objects, etc. Now, there is a technological debt of cybersecurity and TEHTRIS solutions are precisely designed to fight and defend effectively.

Why combine your EPP with an EDR solution?

We believe in the convergence of EDR and EPP technologies, for a common and calculated mission of endpoint protection, with technical functions that combine. TEHTRIS is part of this transformation logic, offering its EPP agent, recognizing the value of not multiplying technological layers.

Complement the detection capabilities of your EPP with the power of TEHTRIS EDR. EPP blocks known and identified signatures, while EDR neutralizes new malicious or unusual cyberattacks and behavior. Instantly block all complex attacks that will evade EPP, and whose criticality is higher than that addressed by EPP.

Le TEHTRIS EDR s'intègre parfaitement à la solution cybersécuritaire ultime de TEHTRIS : la XDR Platform

Perfectly integrated into the XDR Platform

When it comes to cybersecurity, orchestrating events and reacting to threats effectively and quickly is a fundamental challenge. One of the best ways to do this is with powerful automation and artificial intelligence. This is what TEHTRIS offers with its SOAR integrated with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.


Increased efficiency with TEHTRIS UES

TEHTRIS UES is the console that unifies and strengthens the effectiveness of EDR, EPP and MTD solutions. Equipped with powerful and easy-to-use front-end tools, the UES console will provide you with enhanced cybersecurity action capabilities, from temporary crisis operations to regular monitoring.

Supports all the OS of your IT park

Pictogrammes en ligne, un ordinateur fixe, un ordinateur portable et un data center

Mac OS

Operating System32bits64bits
macOS Catalina Compatible
macOS High Sierra Compatible
macOS Mojave Compatible
macOS Sierra Compatible


Operating System32bits64bits
Windows 10 Compatible Compatible
Windows 7 Compatible Compatible
Windows 8 Untested but designed for compatibility Compatible
Windows Server 2003 Compatible Untested but designed for compatibility
Windows Server 2008 Compatible Compatible
Windows Server 2008 R2 Compatible Compatible
Windows Server 2012 N/A Compatible
Windows Server 2012 R2 N/A Compatible
Windows Server 2016 N/A Compatible
Windows Server 2019 N/A Compatible
Windows XP Compatible Untested but designed for compatibility


Operating System32bits64bits
CentOS Linux 5.11 Compatible
CentOS Linux 5.3 Compatible
CentOS Linux 6.9 Compatible
CentOS Linux 7.5 Compatible
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 Trusty Compatible
Ubuntu Linux 16.04 Xenial Compatible
Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Bionic Compatible
Ubuntu Linux 8.04 Hardy Compatible

MITRE ATT&CK compliance

MITRE ATT&CK is a knowledge base with a model of the behavior of a cyber attacker, reflecting the different phases of the attack life cycle according to the targeted platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile, etc.

Discover the compatibility of TEHTRIS XDR with MITRE ATT&CK


Day to integrate TEHTRIS EDR


Countries where our technologies are deployed to detect and respond to incidents

+ 20 K

EDR deployed in the cloud in less than 24 hours

Data Center, sauter vers le TEHTRIS EDR c'est faire le pari d'avoir une entreprise mieux protégée contre les cyberattaques

Preserve the sovereignty and integrity of your data

Since 2010, TEHTRIS innovates and improves its cyber defense solution, through the different modules of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform.

Choose the European leader in cyber security!

Frequently Asked Questions

TEHTRIS EDR has several features to perform automated remediation, based on predefined parameters, which allows to fight effectively 24/7 against unknown threats, without the risk of depending on a human team that may be missing elements.

TEHTRIS EDR offers to search for more than 11,000 CVE vulnerabilities, which allows you to discover sometimes totally invisible things, such as machines that are vulnerable because of an old Java engine, Adobe Reader, or Flash, forgotten or installed in “legacy” mode. You can deploy TEHTRIS EDR to audit your IT assets, without consuming excessive resources, and thus have the possibility to ensure the compliance of your assets: patch management policy, risk aversion criteria, etc.

TEHTRIS EDR has several protections against ransomware: the blacklists in our CTI which enrich the choices of EDRs, application security policies to authorize only what you want, Honeytokens-type concepts with fake files that a ransomware will want to destroy while being detected (file-type computer lure), and many behavioral-based mechanisms: attacking certain points on the hard disk, etc.

TEHTRIS EDR has several ways to combat lateral attacks, including the ability to process local logs in the operating system to detect if activity is being attempted remotely. This is a true SIEM tactical, local, capable of knowing whether a session is interactive or not, remote or not, in order to be able to track attacks of this type.

TEHTRIS EDR embeds an ultra-sophisticated analysis engine, capable of differentiating between a legitimate product and one that is not, in terms of PowerShell, by analyzing the code executed on the fly so as not to miss any of the many modern and stealthy attacks associated.

News about TEHTRIS EDR

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TEHTRIS recognized as a Representative Vendor in the 2021 Market Guide for Extended Detection and Response.
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