TEHTRIS announces the appointment of 3 independent members to its Board of Directors to strengthen its governance and support its growth

  • Jean-Bernard Lévy, former CEO of EDF, Thales and Vivendi
  • Antoine Troesch, Director of Investments at the Banque des Territoires of the Caisse des Dépôts
  • Richard Vacher Detournière, CFO of Provepharm Life Solutions

Paris, February 16, 2023 – TEHTRIS, French software editor of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform and technology leader against cyber espionage and cyber sabotage, announces today the appointment of three new independent members to its Board of Directors. These appointments are in line with the strengthening of the company’s governance and strategy, and the growth acceleration objectives announced by TEHTRIS at the time of its second round of financing of €44 million in October 2022.

Jean-Bernard Lévy, a graduate of École Polytechnique and Télécom Paris Tech, was Chairman and CEO of EDF from 2014 to 2022. He previously served as Chairman and CEO of Thales from 2012 to 2014, and as Chairman of the Management Board of Vivendi from 2005. He has also held positions of responsibility within the Oddo, Lagardère and Orange groups, as well as in the ministerial staff of Gérard Longuet. Jean-Bernard Lévy now devotes his time to consulting and corporate board activities.

Richard Vacher Detournière, CFO of Provepharm Life Solutions in France and the United States, has a strong background in the software and security industries, as well as extensive international exposure and expertise in finance, development and corporate governance. Former CEO and CFO of Ogido (SaaS platform for customer relationship management), Verimatrix (content protection software) and Inside Secure (secure contactless semiconductors), Richard Vacher Detournière has operated for 12 years in the private equity and venture capital industry, in France and in Silicon Valley.

Antoine Troesch, a graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and the École Centrale Paris, began his career in 2002 as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley, where he participated in the initial public offering of EDF. He then became Manager in the Strategy Department at Areva (Orano) in 2005, then Director of Strategy for the Uranium Enrichment business. In 2011, he became Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for the Areva Group, and in 2015 he was appointed Director of the Chemical Enrichment business and member of the Orano Executive Committee. Antoine Troesch joined Caisse des Dépôts in 2018 as Investment Director of Banque des Territoires, the entity that brings together the business lines serving the economic development of French territories. With his teams, he manages a €7 billion portfolio in the fields of energy, infrastructure, digital, innovation, real estate and impact funds.

“The Board of directors is naturally evolving to support TEHTRIS’ growth and international development. We are therefore delighted to welcome these three independent members. Their proven and complementary experience will contribute to support our strategic orientations and meet our challenges in order to position TEHTRIS as a global player in the cybersecurity sector,” said Éléna Poincet, co- founder and CEO of TEHTRIS.

Éléna Poincet, Co-Founder and CEO of TEHTRIS

  • Laurent Oudot, Co-Founder and CTO of TEHTRIS
  • Guillaume Girard, Managing Partner, Jolt Capital
  • François Lavaste, Executive Director, Tikehau Capital
  • Jean-Bernard Lévy, independent member
  • Richard Vacher Detournière, independent member
  • Antoine Troesch, independent member


Founded in 2010, TEHTRIS is the software editor of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform, the world leader in automatic, real-time, non-human neutralization of cyber attacks. With its “Security & Ethics by design” engineering, this solution provides cybersecurity specialists with a holistic view of their infrastructure, while guaranteeing the confidentiality of their data. The TEHTRIS XDR Platform is interoperable with existing security solutions through its APIs and integrated orchestrator. Thanks to its technology, the company is positioned as a European trusted third party. Together with its international partners, TEHTRIS XDR Platform monitors, analyzes, detects and neutralizes threats worldwide for the benefit of major players in industry, transportation, engineering, services and administrations. TEHTRIS is constantly on the lookout for cybercrime and listens to its customers to reduce the risks as much as possible and to face the unpredictable.