TEHTRIS and DUST MOBILE announce a technology partnership and combine their solutions to secure end-to-end mobile communications

Paris, July 29, 2021 – In the face of growing espionage threats, TEHTRIS and DUST MOBILE are joining forces to increase mobile security with a new and unique offering. The two French players offer protection for phones, their systems and all communications for all exposed persons.

The recent revelations of spying on smartphones have demonstrated the importance of securing not only the devices and the applications installed, but also the network flows and the content of the messages transmitted.

DUST MOBILE, as an operator, provides its customers with SIM cards and secure communications against attempts at spoofing, interception and localization for example. TEHTRIS technologies for mobile fleets ensure the monitoring and detection of attacks on the system, the installed applications and the network flows. The combination of technologies from these two players ensures end-to-end protection of cell phones and tablets against cyber espionage and cyber sabotage: from the device to each incoming or outgoing message.

Laurent Oudot, CTO and co-founder of TEHTRIS explains: “We are observing a logic of convergence of all technologies: IoT, mobiles, computers, cloud, offering a global cyber sphere of communication with an imminent potential of 50 billion devices. To support this transformation, globalized phone networks are evolving in parallel. 5G will create a new window of opportunity for spies and criminals, with its set of dangers related to a lack of sovereignty control, and new vulnerabilities. Mobile, too, is a new Eldorado for hacking, mixing personal and business data.” He adds: “We bring to these challenges a unique response to the world, by combining the cybersecurity strengths and cross- expertise of DUST MOBILE (secure mobile operator) and TEHTRIS (incident detection and response platform).

Our motto, Face the Unpredictable, also applies to 4G and 5G threats and will now also serve our joint customers.”

“Our smartphones, tablets and other connected objects are vulnerable targets that require a combined approach to address the various complex areas of the threat exposure surface. An effective approach requires covering the compromise of the device as well as its transmissions,” said Jean Michel Henrard Limbourg, CEO and co-founder of DUST MOBILE. “I am extremely excited to see the results of the integrated combination of TEHTRIS’ attack detection and neutralization technologies with DUST MOBILE’s own transmission security features. It enables a fast and unique proposal in France, Europe and beyond, to bring more confidence and more sovereignty to the critical mobile communications of exposed people.”


Founded in 2010 by Eléna Poincet and Laurent Oudot, TEHTRIS develops and provides an XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) platform for the real-time automated detection and neutralization of known and unknown digital threats in enterprise infrastructures. In response to new threats that bypass traditional security solutions, products, algorithms, software bots and artificial intelligence created by the company’s engineers are at the core of its platform. The TEHTRIS XDR Platform provides users with a holistic view of their cybersecurity and is compatible with security solutions on the market. With this technology, TEHTRIS positions itself as a European trusted third party. With its international partners, they monitor millions of IP addresses in nearly 100 countries and analyze billions of events every week. Its customers are major players in industry, engineering and services, and government. TEHTRIS completed a record-breaking cybersecurity fundraising round in November 2020, €20 million in Series A, from industry investors. TEHTRIS is recruiting to accelerate its development, continue its technological research strategy and build its reputation.


Founded in 2017 by Jean Michel Henrard Limbourg and François d’Ormesson, DUST MOBILE is the first cyber defense operator designed to protect communications from attacks intrinsic to cellular mobile networks (interception, denial of service, location, identity theft). Its two mobile packages, Dust WIDE and Dust WORLD, provide resilient global connectivity in 214 countries and territories, natively integrate voice and data transmission security, and enable real-time detection and monitoring of the attack surface. DUST MOBILE is a GENERATE 2020 winner by GICAT, a 2021 winner of the Government’s Grand Cyber Challenge, a member of the ITU’s Security Group SG17, a member of the GSMA’s Security & Fraud group, and of ETSI/3GPP. DUST MOBILE has completed a first round of financing in 2019 with ACE Funds – Brienne 3 and Omnes Capital to accelerate its commercial development with companies and institutions, in France and internationally.