Remotely remove doubts on your iPhone/iPad equipment

In the wake of the Pegasus affair, and other worrying threats that are less publicized in the press for the moment, TEHTRIS is making available to its customers a new SaaS-type service to quickly clear suspicions on mobile fleets.

In particular, this service allows to launch a DFIR (Digital Forensic & Investigation Response) operation on iOS (iPhone) and iPadOS (iPad tablets) devices.

TEHTRIS MTD DFIR combines several advantages respecting end-users and their data, with a strong rapid response capability, without the need to :

  • retrieve or view personal data from smartphones and tablets
  • physically connect to the smartphones and tablets,
  • retrieve device backups, which contain all of an end-user’s secrets and personal data Security alerts and analysis are grouped in a TEHTRIS XDR Platform to show the technical elements necessary for investigations. Compatible with the MITRE matrix for mobiles, an operator can detect on a device
  • Basic attacks and modifications (dynamic libraries, jailbreak…)
  • Infections via application aspects (run-time patches, hooking, debugging…)
  • Infections via system aspects (rootless attacks, memory injections, firmware, file system…)
  • Infections via network aspects (TCP, UDP, DNS, HTTP…)

For continuous protection, the TEHTRIS MTD agent can be kept on subscription, in order to check 24/7 the slightest trace of intrusion, thus allowing to be warned as soon as a device is compromised.

Finally, this offer allows operations on equipment anywhere in the world quickly, and without disturbing the personnel concerned by taking their phone or accessing their backups.

In the event that evidence of compromise is discovered, TEHTRIS can share the traces to launch a local forensic operation with associated legal evidence.

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