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Partnering with TEHTRIS

The increasing sophistication of the tools and techniques used by cyberattackers makes antivirus programs and other traditional cybersecurity solutions ineffective. In the face of sophisticated, increasingly violent and numerous attacks, prevention is no longer enough.

It is time to take a comprehensive approach to effectively protect information systems. More than ever, organizations need comprehensive, intelligent and automated solutions to close all security gaps, especially at their endpoints.

Today, it is essential to proactively contain threats and respond to attacks quickly and effectively.

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SOC - MSS & SOC - MDR Service Partners

ITE, born in 2013, initially focused on excellence and improvement of industrial processes. Specialized in DEFENSE, ENGINEERING and CYBER SECURITY, today they have become a reference in services and technological solutions.

It is a collaborating partner of excellence for the Ministry of Defense in Spain, especially in integral projects, offering turnkey projects with always a degree of added value in tactical solutions. They are experts in IT cyber security, OT and intelligence services.

Their philosophy is to be close to their clients, offering them a personalized service in all the projects they carry out. Thanks to this philosophy, they are present in Cadiz, Seville, Albacete, Talavera la Real, Madrid and Portugal.

“With TEHTRIS’ technologically advanced solutions and the professional services provided by ITE, we will provide our customers with a new, more targeted offering that will enable them to protect themselves from potential cyber threats in an increasingly connected and vulnerable world.
Thanks to the collaboration with TEHTRIS, ITE closes the circle with the best manufacturers in the industry. We are convinced that this partnership will be a success. “

Oven Martín, CEO, Integración Tecnológica Empresarial.

Global Technology is a company focused on providing Cybersecurity services, whose mission is: “To help our clients protect their critical assets from the most common threats, providing highly qualified technicians and proven technology”.

Since 2009, our experience in +300 clients, of which +20 are Spanish critical infrastructures, endorses our ability to understand the Cybersecurity sector. For more than a decade we have matured specialized areas in ethical hacking, deployment/operation of solutions and regulatory compliance… All of them supported by our SOC-CSIRT.

“In an ecosystem as young as that of cybersecurity, it is difficult to choose the right technological solutions that provide long-term value. In addition, the sectors in which we operate, and especially European critical infrastructures, require solutions that are close, proven and with guaranteed continuity. TEHTRIS meets these 3 requirements, maintaining its headquarters in an EU member country, while betting on the Spanish market.

Integrating TEHTRIS solutions into Global Technology’s services ensures that we remain consistent with our philosophy and mission, helping us to obtain immediate results… Without forgetting that Cybersecurity is a long-term battle.”

Enrique Polanco – CEO Global Technology

Infoser New Technologies is a company dedicated to the professional supply of reference hardware and software. Since 2018, it has been building trust among multiple clients in the public sector as a priority, offering quality solutions in supply and developing the consulting area, specializing in IT services, cloud, big data and digitization. It currently has a national and international presence offering services in large public companies, hand in hand with TEHTRIS we can offer our clients the safest services that these types of companies require.

The association of Infoser New Technologies with THETRIS has allowed us to improve in terms of security.As our clients are private and public companies but belong to the largest companies listed on the stock market, they need the best security guarantees. For this we can count on multiple solutions to deal with the most obvious threats.

Fernando López- Sales Director, Infoser New Technologies.

Distributing partners

Founded in 1996, Ingecom is a Value Added Distributor specialised in Cybersecurity, Cyber Intelligence and Cybersecurity OT/ICS, IoT and IMoT solutions. They provide tested and approved solutions to security integrators and MSSPs. They are trusted security advisors to their partners.