Partnering with TEHTRIS

The increasing sophistication of the tools and techniques used by cyberattackers makes antivirus programs and other traditional cybersecurity solutions ineffective. In the face of sophisticated, increasingly violent and numerous attacks, prevention is no longer enough.

It is time to take a comprehensive approach to effectively protect information systems. More than ever, organizations need comprehensive, intelligent and automated solutions to close all security gaps, especially at their endpoints.

Today, it is essential to proactively contain threats and respond to attacks quickly and effectively.

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SOC - MSS & SOC - MDR Service Partners

Expleo provides a unique offering of integrated engineering, quality and strategic consulting services for digital transformation.

By leveraging TEHTRIS’ advanced detection and remediation software capabilities, Expleo and its security operations center is able to guarantee 24/7/365 detection and management services to its clients.

« The possibilities that the partnership between Expleo and TEHTRIS offers are extremely exciting. […] Through this partnership, Expleo has been able to quickly develop a new business offering, bringing greater visibility to our customers about potential cyber threats. We are also looking forward to working with TEHTRIS to find innovative approaches to cybersecurity and respond to market changes».

Brett Tarr, Head of Cybersecurity Operations at Expleo

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services. With its Sogeti division, it is recognized as a leader in cybersecurity (consulting & governance, audit, protection, detection & incident response).

In France, it has ANSSI qualifications (PASSI, PASSI LPM, PDIS) and operates a CERT, a SWAT team as well as several SOCs, shared on 24/7 basis or dedicated to clients.

« The partnership between Capgemini (and its Sogeti branch) and TEHTRIS started in 2020 with great dynamism. Already the operator of numerous Security Operation Centers for major clients, and qualified as PDIS by ANSSI, our Group has been able to significantly accelerate the growth of its managed incident detection and response services. Innovative and rapidly deployed, TEHTRIS’ technologies provide effective protection for large customers as well as for smaller companies and administrations. »

Yves Le Floch, Cybersecurity VP at Sogeti

Distributing partners


SCC is Europe’s largest privately held IT company, providing European businesses and public sector organizations with a rapid return on their IT investments.

TEHTRIS offers are referenced in the UGAP (Union of Public Purchasing Groups) catalog in the multi-publisher software section which is available to all public buyers.

Cybersec&You provides trusted European cybersecurity solutions to help its customers protect their sensitive environments, their confidential data, and their digital assets.


Engie Ineo is a French company specialized in electrical engineering, information and communication systems, cybersecurity, video surveillance and more generally in the field of smart cities.