A cross-platform log collection technology that can handle different source logs, formats, transports and integrations, giving you greater visibility of your systems and operations.

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The NXLog Enterprise Edition is a high performance, multi-platform log collection solution capable of tackling the most demanding cases log collection may pose. Owing to its rich set of features, it can read almost any log format and parse fields to produce structured data for further processing.
– It integrates with a wide range of SIEM, operating systems, applications, devices and more.
– The most advanced log collector for the Windows platform.
– Native macOS log Collection capabilities.
– Enterprise-grade DNS log collection and enrichment.
– Secure and reliable collection and transfer.
– Supports a wide range of data formats and protocols.
– May be deployed as a collection agent, standalone collector system, log relay, or in hybrid mode. (Agentless, Agent-based and Cloud Log Collection Modes)
– File Integrity Monitoring to record and monitor intentional and unintentional changes to important files and folders.
– Its encryption and compression enable safe and cost-efficient long term storage of the collected logs.
– Its integration with NXLog Manager enables the log management administrator to efficiently monitor and manage the NXLog agents securely from a central console.
– Capable of collecting logs from diverse sources on ICS and SCADA systems.
– It integrates with Raijin, a schemaless SQL database engine for storing events.