App Security


SaaS solution for automatic testing of all the security features of a mobile application.

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The security expert eShard has developed the SaaS solution esChecker dedicated to customers who have created a mobile application available on the Google Play or Apple App Store, and who have integrated protections to make hacking or reverse engineering of this application difficult.

esChecker allows to verify that the protections of mobile applications are well in place throughout the software development cycle and during their release. esChecker thus allows to automatically and systematically provide proof of compliance with the security policies of companies.

esChecker attacks applications at runtime to check if they are able to detect these attacks and react accordingly. By testing the implemented and/or built-in protection, esChecker gives a defense score to the application’s protections at runtime. This score reflects the number of protections correctly implemented by the application. Thus, it is possible to verify that none of the protections have been tampered with during the CI/CD process. Furthermore, it is also possible to compare different protection methods by comparing their score.