Dust Mobile

First mobile cyber defense operator designed to bring more security around mobile communications.

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Dust Mobile is the first mobile cyber defense operator designed to bring more security, sovereignty and trust around mobile communications. The two flagship products, Dust WIDE and Dust WORLD, provide resilient global connectivity in 214 countries and territories as well as protection of voice and data communications from cellular mobile network intrinsic and SIM card attacks.

The Dust Mobile solution offers:

Robust and dynamic protection:

  • against attacks intrinsic to mobile networks,
  • against SIM card attacks,
  • against network attacks and intrusion attempts,
  • malicious applications, viruses and ransomware,
  • against governance bypasses,
  • 2G/3G/4G LTE and progressively 5G service coverage in 214 countries and territories, with multi-network resiliency (684 partner cellular networks worldwide),
  • Confidentiality and stealth of use,
  • Real-time remote supervision of the security environment of each Dust Mobile SIM card through a C2-Selfcare platform.