Experts, from the fields of justice, the army, the police or intelligence, at your service on all types of security and economic issues.

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Methodology, ethics and confidentiality: the key values of Celteam experts

Celteam is above all a team of experts, coming from the fields of justice and elite units of the army, the police or the intelligence, at your service on any type of security and economic issue.

They are committed, day after day, to provide you with a very high quality of work. Ready to react in real time to complex problems and strategic issues, they will ensure that the response to your needs is based on an exclusive and privileged relationship.

CELTEAM has extensive experience in the following areas

Vulnerability Audits: Cybersecurity, Safety and Security (logical & physical).
Technological assistance to magistrates, lawyers and bailiffs for the collection of digital evidence,
Computer investigations on all workstations and computer servers.
Analysis of digital media: hard disk, USB key, memory card, GSM phone, smartphone, touch pad, GPS, video surveillance
Recovery of altered or lost data
Electronic countermeasures service: search for audio or video listening devices.
Training and sensitization of users to the protection of the company’s information capital, to fight against industrial espionage

Our independence allows us to intervene in a reactive and flexible way and to guarantee you a total confidentiality.