Facing unknown cyberattacks,
protect your company

Our 100% online TEHTRIS OPTIMUS offer for VSEs and SMEs provides optimal protection for workstations and servers, such as against ransomware.

From 19.5€/year excl. tax, per PC or server

Discount price according to the quantity and the duration of the commitment

A stand-alone and turnkey solution for optimal protection of your computers and servers

TEHTRIS OPTIMUS combines in a single agent the features of an EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) and a Next-Gen Antivirus to detect and neutralize, in real time, automatically and without human action, the fastest known and unknown threats.

A 100% online offer to protect the endpoints of small and medium-sized companies.

Dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses, TEHTRIS OPTIMUS adapts to the needs of small and medium-sized organizations, with a simplified deployment in less than five minutes. Available from a single computer and up to 100 computers, our solution offers an optimized user experience while guaranteeing an efficient and high-performance protection.

The advantages

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A 100% online offer, accessible, intuitive and adapted to your budget. Subscribe, download and install the solution in less than five minutes for an immediate protection.

Optimal protection

The combination of best-in-class endpoints technology and TEHTRIS intelligence to protect your business and your customers and keep you productive.

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Hyper automation

Automatic detection and neutralization of cyberattacks and ransomware in real time and without human action.

Our 100% online offer dedicated to VSEs and SMEs

Protect your computers and servers against computer attacks in real time, 24/7.

The TEHTRIS OPTIMUS online solution is compatible with all Anti-Virus software already existing on the computer and with the Windows environment (Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2019).

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"Today, for an SME, it is essential to protect its IT infrastructure from the risks linked to cybercrime. We have chosen TEHTRIS for more than 5 years to protect our servers, workstations and smartphones. Their high level of performance and the simplicity of deploying their solution allows us to work in a secure environment with peace of mind."


1. Determine how many computers and servers in your Windows fleet you want to protect.

For example, by choosing a quantity equal to 20, you choose to protect 20 computers or servers.

2. Add the product TEHTRIS OPTIMUS to the basket

3. Proceed with the payment via your credit card

4. Download and install your software using the documentation

5. In parallel, your purchase is also confirmed by e-mail within a few minutes. You will receive a second e-mail with the link to download the software and documentation.

Buy online

Traditional protection tools, such as Anti-Virus software that protects against known threats, are not adapted to new and unknown threats.

To face these most advanced threats, TEHTRIS OPTIMUS, through the deployment of an agent on your endpoints, analyzes the behavior of suspicious codes that run on your system, then detects and neutralizes those that represent a danger.

You want to anticipate a potential attack or you have already faced an attack and wish to reinforce your security, the TEHTRIS OPTIMUS offer is made for you. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, TEHTRIS OPTIMUS allows you to neutralize attacks and to protect your computer fleet in a hyper-automated way in order to face the unpredictable.

This offer is designed for companies with a minimum of one computer and a maximum of 100 computers. If you are a company with a computer park beyond this limit, contact us.

To subscribe online to TEHTRIS OPTIMUS, companies must be located in the European Union. If you are a company outside the European Union, contact us.

Our turnkey technological solution, without human action, is easy to deploy. Payment is made by credit card. The software is deployed in less than five minutes on your computer fleet, which will benefit from optimal security protection, in real time and without human action.

If you need to protect other systems, smartphones, network flows, etc., contact us.

Go to our TEHTRIS store, once you have created your account and made your payment:

  • you have access to a download link for the documentation and the installation software.
  • you will receive two e-mails at the same time: 1) a purchase confirmation e-mail and 2) an e-mail with the server address and the license number, in which you will have access to a download link for the documentation and the installation software.

Immediately! You can download the installation software as soon as you have paid and proceed with the installation of TEHTRIS OPTIMUS. Your endpoint is now protected.

An installation guide which provide details about the procedure is available on the TEHTRIS store and is also sent by e-mail, once the payment is made.

This is not necessary. The operating system will offer to uninstall the existing security system, if you wish.

TEHTRIS takes care about the configuration. There are no updates to be made. TEHTRIS OPTIMUS is a turnkey solution based on a security system that detects and neutralizes known and unknown attacks in real time and without human action.

The TEHTRIS OPTIMUS solution for VSEs and SMEs does not provide access to the platform for a detected attack analysis service.

However, a notification will appear to inform you of any neutralised attack.

If you wish to have access to the analysis platform, contact us

TEHTRIS offers a one-year, two-year or three-year license.

TEHTRIS will notify you by email to renew your contract.

Our TEHTRIS store will be enriched in the future with additional solutions.

If you have a heterogeneous IT infrastructure (MacOS, Linux, mobile fleet, etc.) or if you would like to have access to the platform for a cybersecurity attack analysis service, contact us.

Our TEHTRIS store will be enriched in the future with an offer compatible with macOS.

Ethical by Design, our technology is designed without backdoors, we guarantee the inviolability of the content of protected files, which we do not access. It is impossible, by design, to read the content of the files we protect with our technologies.

 If you use a proxy, you must modify the configuration file. This step is detailed in the installation guide (page 11).

For any other question, contact us