TEHTRIS - Esprit start up

Start-Up Spirit

Thanks to our innovative organization and teamwork that allows for a closeness between all co-workers and the executive team, everyone gets the chance to actively contribute to TEHTRIS’s adventure and its success, regardless of their role. Our ways of working, agility and know-how enables us to be geared towards success and excellence. In fact, our world-class cybersecurity solutions are created and integrally developed by our teams.

TEHTRIS - Développement personnel

Professional Growth

Whether it’s the transformation from an internship to a permanent position, gradually taking on new responsibilities, following in-house trainings or even by contributing to many innovative projects, the possibilities for development at TEHTRIS are endless! We are convinced that meritocracy combined with working conditions allowing everyone to develop their potential are essential for building a career in line with one’s aspirations.

TEHTRIS - Engagement social

Social Commitment

We believe that every company has a role to play at the societal level. Thus, at TEHTRIS, everyone has the same chance to succeed, whatever their origin, gender or age, because we believe what matters above all is merit. Our commitment doesn’t stop there, beyond fairness and equality, the respect for ethics is essential to us and we encourage each co-worker in this way. Also, we promote green purchasing and marketing by supporting local partnerships and products made in France.

TEHTRIS - Développement professionnel

Personal Growth

We want everyone to find meaning in their daily professional lives and to feel useful, by contributing to cyber-peace in the world. As personal fulfilment is not only limited to this, we also want to make sure that everyone’s right to disconnect is respected. We believe that finding the right balance between professional and personal life is essential.

TEHTRIS - Environnement de qualité

Quality Workplace

 We pay great attention to the working environment in which each employee is expected to evolve. In order to contribute to well-being at work, we chose quality furniture and high-end IT equipment, all in a comfortable and sustainable building. Furthermore, joining TEHTRIS also means working in a company with an international dimension from the Bordeaux region, so that you can enjoy all the advantages and benefits of the south-west of France : the ocean nearby, a dynamic city where life is good, a sunny climate, etc. !

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